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Success in Business – Aspects of Psychology
Success in business– Psychological aspects
Entrepreneurship – Aspects of Psychology
Entrepreneurship – Psychological aspects
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Jafar Saberi
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Awake From Awakening 5
Technical Analysis Course 13
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It’s late tomorrow 29
The Brain of Wealth and Quantum Wealth 36
A stranger who is very close to me
Welcome to our village 53
Manpower, an important factor in productivity 54
Seven Reasons That Make Us Work and Improve 55
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First word …

This book is a collection of articles that I would recommend to Nash, and the best name I chose for her was the name of Atusa, which means Cyrus the Daughter of Darius I.
You help develop work and entrepreneurship by buying this book. Second, you participate in our competition if you win a cash prize.
(By the way, you can’t even buy this book and simply download and print it and gift it to your friends. But be sure to tell the ones you love to read this book)
Yours sincerely
Jafar Saberi

Waking up from waking up

How many feelings do you know about yourself?
What do you mean when you say I don’t feel good or I am upset or badly disturbed?
Have you ever felt threatened?
Have you ever had a feeling of emotional insecurity?
Like your love for your child from childhood but when he grows up he will not respect you!
Have you ever been bothered by the sense of insecurity and ignorance of those around you?
As the keeper says:
Dawn Nightingale complained to Sabah
That he did whatever he did to me
Some people will break something by traveling abroad or seeing a person of their age or being in an atmosphere of success, and their inner voice tells them if they lived Woe to you Or if this guy has lived well?
You’ve lost your life!
Are you some kind of insecurity?
Everything is threatened and terrified.
Interestingly, when we ask people around us why you are studying?
Why are you trying and what are you looking for?
You get a very simple and superficial answer, for example they tell you because I can get a higher degree. Well, why get a higher degree? Because I have a better job in the community, so why do you have a better job? Because I have more income, well what more for what? To have money, and so on. Finally it says good for the day I don’t get old and need and get caught …
This lost inner and sense of insecurity makes people sad most of all.
When you see that after ten years of living together with your spouse you feel insecure, and you see Bakhti, there is something you do not know and he is betraying you, now you are a loser and you feel insecure …
When it comes to a sense of security, physical and spatial security seem to us, and in our minds, is this place safe? No one will hurt us? Is it resistant to natural disasters? And … which is partly true, but it’s not all a matter of physical security.
Emotional security may be more important.
For example, you go to a doctor and your doctor says after a worrying test: Your disease is a cancer!
But your spouse or friend says to you, “Don’t worry, I’m with you until the end, nothing will happen and you’ll be fine … and you’ll be fine after a while … Emotional security works for you And everything will be fine …
Swedish scholars have been searching for a word in the country’s press for ten years:
Happy palm
And it was interesting that they found the word cheerful alongside the relationship and found the relationship with the family and friends more than anything else. That is, happy and happy with the family, friends and loved ones.
I suggest :
The Book of Five Languages ​​of Love
Read Writing by Chapman.

2. Confirmatory word
Take time
Gift giving
Physical contact

A simple experiment when we are in total darkness, most of all, we do not know where we are and what is around us, will take away our fears, and in such circumstances, if light and light come to that place and we see We relax what is around us. That light is what helps our knowledge and knowing it actually calms us down.
Security is high in knowledge
By understanding and thinking well, the concerns become less and less,
Somehow we can say:
Success means following the rules around us.
If we become ill, the disease is caused by our poor sense of life.
Bo Da describes suffering beautifully, she says:
Suffer knowledge as the pressure behind it teaches you.
Maybe it’s not bad to read Victor Emile Frank’s book Human Searching for Meaning.
Human endeavor, and the most important way to succeed, can be in two ways:
Always set the example of successful people and study their lives.
And another way is:
Let’s make a mental shift between learning and feeling happy.
And in fact I have to say with great pride that I personally always enjoy learning the most.
But the existential security is also important:
How comfortable are you with the people around you?
Are you really a believer and do you know what a believer means?
The humanoid is great but how about human?
Sometimes a person has all sorts of degrees and has written dozens of books, but the sense of humor in his being dead and seeing him will not comfort you. He’s a doctor and specialty. You come into his office with a lot of joy, happiness and positive energy, a smile but even a heavy hello answer and you are left with a dry smile on the ice. Is this an iceberg?
Of course, such people are more likely to seek compensation for their inferiority and do not provide us with the underlying motive, which is security.
Security Meaning:
Experiencing a sense of security Finding the motive for all behaviors and asking for inner strength is life.
This safety and security is realized even in infants and infants. And in fact, there is a sense of childhood and birth even before birth.
Children are scared of a little darkness.
Understand the world of satiety and hunger Understand pain.
Then we, the older ones, understand what is wrong and what is right, we show them the good and the bad that are the current laws of society.
The baby cries when he is hungry, he feels uneasy, and when he is calm he is calm, feeling good, this is the feeling he first expressed.
Starting from the beginning, he divides security and insecurity into two parts: the safe and the insecure region, as easily as he understands fear and insecurity, sadness, happiness, and happiness. Somehow we understand …
If we divide our brain into two and divide the circle by drawing a line and naming one part safe and the other part unsafe, we can do a simple experiment.
Put the name of the people who comfort you in your safe zone, and now the opposite of the name of the people whose name makes you sad and depressed. Now put a good wish and a happy ending to a topic you love Put in a safe area and vice versa make a uncomfortable issue that makes you very confused
You will soon find that you have more to do with the insecurity of being in the insecure area and vice versa. This is the recognition of the disease, and that’s where we start. We need to balance the balance that its insecurity is much heavier than its insecurity first, and then overall, and improve security.
In fact, insecurity generators are much more active in our existence than security generators.
When we wake up in the morning, the first key to our brain is the key to generating pessimism, anxiety, and anxiety. Sometimes these generators do their job so well that we get into a nightmare and for example with a nightmare. The smell of cigarettes or the sight of a cigarette we follow the scenario and the story to the end, and we see a horror movie from the moment we see him become miserable, we are miserable, and so are the keys to production. Illustrate bad luck, anxiety, insecurity, insecurity with the same names as emotional insecurity, unreasonable insecurity, physical insecurity and insecurity. Although each alone is not enough to make you sick and suffering from diseases diversity and dialogue in plain language is said depression is Sraght.
Fear of a big catastrophe coming … will bring a big catastrophe!
What to do!

Turn off the key of the generators individually, and this is impossible unless with the help of light in the darkness of the dark room and the light which is the light of knowledge, and the darkness that is ignorance and immaturity with the light of knowledge and Knowing the elimination of such keys generates sadness and fear, and most importantly:
Attendance is in the moment!
First take a deep breath and then slowly return to the moment (which is also artistic and requires training) then set aside the judgment.
And then you see a little bit of positive.
Attending this moment and now:
Consider: you are asleep and you are terrified of watching a nightmare, suddenly your hand wakes you up and you take a deep breath and relax and are happy to wake up You have been and how happy you are when you wake up and see that everything that worries you has been all sleep … in fact, sleep is the right name for this feeling.
And it’s interesting that this feeling of depression came to you just when you were just waking up at night and looking at the nightmare with your eyes wide open. So you wake up in a nightmare.
You have to wake up and this means:
Waking up from waking up

Or meta-awareness …
Many people go on a pilgrimage to prayer, but only occasionally will they experience a gentle and loving feeling when they leave themselves in time and out of their minds.
In fact, they wake up and wake up
When we lose someone who is dear to us and feel completely separated from him or her we feel a sense of emptiness somewhere in our being and we call this a sense of loss.
When we were a baby, we were in a state of pain and hunger and discomfort, a hand to caress and relax, a way to relax, a caress to reach us, and a relaxation when we were lost. We become very childish and go into our fetal and childhood state, which is the same sense of security, to come to us …
What is Depression:
Experience living with a real or subjective lack of immune generators:
One of the most common diagnoses of psychiatry is characterized by depressed mood, characterized by sadness, low self-esteem, and disinterest in any kind of daily activity and pleasure, what is referred to as “psychological cold.” Depression is a set of different mental states ranging from mild to depressed, to silence and avoidance of daily activities. Major depression is a term used by the American Psychiatric Association for a series of symptoms of mood disorder for the DSM-III in the year 2, and then generalized. Major depression results in significant disability in the realms of personal and social life and employment and affects one’s daily activities such as eating, sleeping, and health.

The second chapter of our story …
What can we do to help not be depressed by our beliefs?
Biological Health Resources
Psychological Health Resources
Communication health resources
Content Health Resources
Where does the pressure come from when it comes to anxiety?
In a word, everywhere and within us …
We have other intelligence besides IQ, which have more important things to do.
Again the dark room and the fear of darkness and light that came to our aid. Now in the darkness of our intellects come to our aid moral intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and in the meantime they help us to choose right and work against our anxieties and problems …
But before we know how to sleep well, eat well and these are all better ways of life and avoid stress and depression.
Logman tells his son don’t spend the night on your day and night, it is the time to rest and the day to work …

Know the intelligences better:
Intelligence is of all kinds; everyone must seek his own intelligence and base his education and occupation on it. It was Howard Gardner’s psychology who first shouted this to the world’s traditional education system.
Lesson after lesson, are you falling? Is your academic background messed up? Are you depressed enough to think that you can’t pass the lessons that half of your classmates pass? Do you feel that you are in a bad mood?
But are you really dumb because you can’t pass your lessons? Are just the ones who framed their doctorate and master’s degree above their computer desk?
By the time intelligence meant the same IQ that was derived from traditional testing, yes, the smartest were the engineers and the doctors. But newer theories of intelligence say something else.
They have come back to the basic definition of intelligence, “the ability to adapt and thrive in different situations,” and have found that a clever mechanic with training, an illiterate double player, a Premier League footballer, or a farmer who harvests more produce from his land is also clever. are.
In fact, intelligence is all kinds; everybody must seek his own intelligence and base his education and occupation on it. It was Howard Gardner’s psychology who first shouted this to the world’s traditional education system.

Visual intelligence
Visual or spatial intelligence is the ability to visualize almost anything, even visualizing thoughts, meaning that when you are told democracy, you can make a mental image of the people of a democratic society in your mind when you are told democracy.
If you are very clever, you can change the same image to induce the concept of dictatorship. Those with high visual intelligence are very careful about the details of a good image and can bring the images they have in mind on paper.
NUTRITION: Imagine that your eyeball is detached from your body and is feeding into the room where you are sitting. Let this playful butter go everywhere and look up and down and back and forth. Now imagine how things look in the eyes of the butter. If this works for you, make sure you are visually intelligent.
A more creative exercise to imagine that you are both an art director and a photographer at the same time. Now take pictures that could have been taken for this week’s content and imagine possible layouts, but remember that you only have a week!
Application: Architecture, Painting, Photography, Imaging, Paging, Restoration of Historical Buildings and Photoshop Documentation!

Linguistic intelligence
The other kind of linguistic intelligence, in fact, is part of what is generally accepted as intelligence among the general population; having a lot of general information, the ability to speak and play, good writing and reading ability; Best use.
Nurturing: Everything you say in writing workshops can nurture this intelligence in you. Paying attention to the oral roots of our own culture (for example, the meaning of proverbs, fairy tales, and grandparents’ tales) and reading books delicately and delicately – without any extraneous purpose, such as adding information or cooking for added readership, It can also cultivate this intelligence.
If you can pick a more attractive headline for that, be sure to have that kind of intelligence. One exercise can be to re-headline all the posts.
Application: Journalism, Writing, Literature Teaching, Public Relations Officer, Lawyer …
Logical Intelligence – Math
As if those who coined the term “two two two fours” for the first time were unconsciously aware that there was a relationship between reasoning and mathematics! Those with high mathematical intelligence have both better mathematical operations – such as bookkeeping – from their distances, and are better able to reason and understand causal relationships.
This intelligence is also the kind of intelligence that is measured in conventional intelligence tests and is widely used in schools and universities.
Breeding: Go see how the abacus works. Learn a computer language, such as Pascal. Don’t use calculators for simple math problems. Think about what scientific rules affect your home systems and try to get out of the newspaper economics page once in a while.
Application: Engineering, Accounting, Computer Programming, Philosophy Specialist, Philosophy of Science and Executing Research Projects.

Musical intelligence
Someone who is sensitive to the tunes, rhythm and tone of the sounds and melodies certainly has musical intelligence.
People with high musical intelligence do not have to be a musician or singer; someone who can recognize the tone of your voice that you are lying to or can identify well with two singers can also use his or her musical intelligence. .
Cultivation: Sing. Whistle. Take a shower. Listen to different styles of music. Imagine a soundtrack for every moment of your daily life. Listen to the song of nature (the sound of birds or the river). Sing to a close friend every day.
Application: Composing, singing, playing, critiquing musical works and teaching kindergarten.
Physical-motor intelligence
Probably none of you would have considered this kind of intelligence – the ability to control body movements and skillfully manipulate objects. Some even say we have the intelligence of sitting and walking.
It is clear that the first image that comes to your mind is that of a skilled gymnast, but your service will also have surgeons and well-rounded professionals.
NUTRITION: To do a mental breakdown you must first exercise, learn one of the crafts, and finally, play the pantomime as long as you can.
Application: Professional athlete (from soccer to discus throw), surgery, mechanical.
Interpersonal intelligence
Part of what is nowadays known as emotional intelligence, and everywhere in the horn and the horn, is the interpersonal intelligence that Gardner first mentioned. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to communicate well and communicate well with others. If you’re famous for being patient with your friends, be sure to have this kind of intelligence.
Cultivation: Join an NGO and see how many dead people you have to follow your popular motto. Listen to a good person for 15 minutes each day (hard not?). Answer your comments if you have a blog. Join an online club. Read the lives of popular people and see what they have done to become famous.
Application: School Counselor, Family Counselor, Corporate Relationship Manager, Teacher, Medical, Assistant, Salesman.
Interpersonal intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence means the ability to understand oneself and use self-knowledge to select life goals. Those with intrapersonal intelligence have become very independent and individualized. They know their flaws and goodness and have a complete picture of themselves.
Nurture: Re-read self-knowledge, write your own biography, write your own dreams, and discover a trace of yourself. Check validated self or personality tests to get a better picture of yourself.
Application: Clergyman, clinical psychologist, and especially psychoanalyst, theologian and occupation specialist in his own profession.

Nature’s intelligence
When Noor Seven’s theory of intelligence around the world was rattled, Gardner realized that his theory had little, and that it was the intelligence that nature lovers had, those who could understand, work and enjoy nature.
Cultivation: Create a personal garden in the corner of the house and grow the plant. Go on weekends to see the different seasons of hiking and nature photography.
Application: Agriculture, Botany, Zoology, Painting & Nature Photography and National Team or Mountaineering Federation.
Fifth Night of Ramadan
July 13, 2015
Jafar Saberi

Technical Analysis Course
Here’s a look at the stock market and why stock markets.
How much do I know about the stock exchange?
Have we participated in the stock market and bought stocks?
Has our stock market failed?
When we look at the sociology of nations, even climatology, we see that a nation like the Iranian people were basically a farmer, and if they were on the Silk Road they learned a little bit of business, maybe if they were still the offspring of a few generations. They know why.
But compulsorily, we are experts in every subject and we interfere in every subject, and we extend our hand in every hole, as we have known.
Rene Pesse, one of the best professors at the University of France, says: ”
If someone goes into business and fails without the necessary information and knowledge it is a right!”
Why invest?
You can answer this question and read the following below for an example from your friends:
In the same Hamadan we faced a terrible famine more than 130 years ago. Some even ate their children and survived those who were stronger and had more financial power in simpler language!
So our main factor: to be
to be more secure, to
help our economy,
to maintain the value of our property, not to let it
fall . We have a love for work, and we know it
to be fun for the next generation,
or a second job. And having more income …
Here’s your answer:
……………………………… …………………………………………… …………………………………………… ……..

Here’s the question:

Are you satisfied with the performance of your generation?

Let’s face it, the answer is very clear, and unfortunately if you and I know you have to say that the next generation will not be satisfied with our performance if our path is today!
Another question is:
In what areas can we invest?
Why is housing good and why?
The first is that it requires a lot of money and not a single million or even ten or twenty million in the housing debate.
Second, its growth is slow.
Thirdly, there is a need for people and it is not ethical. For example, in Tehran we have 1.5 million vacant homes that are not rented or want to sell for more expensive.
There is also a modest return on investment, for example in the last ten years, despite the fact that the property has grown between three and a half percent of the investment profit … There is profit.
And ….
Production also requires capital, as well as pain on the head, including current hardships, insurance, labor problems, and so on
(which I personally have a lot to talk about and plans to discuss). and this is the place to say it.)
exchange, an investment-risk and low profit, high risks and security in the investment can be expressed, but most important, they said: this is what Bakhryd currency directly We hurt ourselves and we don’t know where we ate.
Not bad to know that backing a nation is no longer its gold and jewelery, but the financial and economic growth of that nation, which unfortunately has to be said that our country is not in good shape. They are buying and selling dollars. Demand is high, and therefore supply is diminishing, and this simple issue makes the dollar expensive. I or you who bought the dollar yesterday for two thousand dollars now have to buy three thousand five hundred dollars. ..
نبود بینش درست و نداشتن سواد کافی بعضی مسئولین هم به این موضوع دامن می زند و ورود به این موضوع را نا امن می کند…
سرقت و مسائل سÛ Essie behind and the laws of buying and selling currencies also adds to the insecurity of the investment.

Gold also has little to do with currency, and there are always economic problems and fluctuations, but security and theft also have to be considered.

And the stock market:

At first glance, we may see the stock market as close to the same bank profit as is quite wrong.
Here are some general points to mention but having the right information in the stock market and investing will be extremely beneficial to you.

Knowledge of technical analysis makes sense here. That has nothing to do with luck and risk or astrology.

Knowing when to enter is a good idea.

For example, in 2010, we saw a surge in oil prices in the Gulf region, and worldwide propaganda was that oil might reach $ 250 a barrel …

This was so ridiculous for officials in oil-rich countries, including Iran, that it was ridiculous to believe that oil would fall below $ 100 a day, but today we are selling oil for $ 75 or less in 2015, and today I say that price Wait $ 45- $ 35 Wait!
For example, most of the forecasts at the time of the Syrian conflict began with direct military intervention by the US and its allies, which led to dramatic changes in the stock market and in the world, including Iran, but this did not happen, and there was no significant benefit. There were people who started buying stocks just in time for the stock market downturn.
It is here that the uninitiated person remembers the successful people in the industry and remembers their lives, if you know them and have taken the time to know their paths.
One of the most famous of these is Mr. Warren Buffett, who says he started investing when he was five, his father a stock market transitioner, and Warren, five, made his first horse betting investment that failed and He did it over and over, but he was not disappointed, and he started rolling his bets on the floor. The crumpled and sometimes torn paper that the losers would throw on the ground with frustration and anger Warren had the child follow the process of growth. With the same childlike mind he realized a simple algorithm and recognized the round and then He started his business at the age of 11 and is today the richest man in the world … (I have included his biography on the site)
The interesting thing about this man’s life is that in recent years he has donated more than half of his fortune to the Bill Gates Foundation for Special Diseases, which raised nearly $ 48 billion … but for his daughter’s birth He only donates $ 1,000, and when he hears complaints from others, he says this money is too much if it is properly invested in the next ten years to make a million dollars!
It is worth noting that the Chinese businessman offers him a dinner to know about his opinion on the iron industry in between dinner and Warren agrees, provided he has questions and after dinner …
Bill Gates has a similar view, and as a global leader he only gave his son $ 10,000 in his will and believes that he knows how to invest and succeed.
Note that this is the point we at Lawland should keep in mind that if we know the right way to invest and teach our children that they will have no financial problems for the next five generations alone, they will succeed in every way. Was.
برای نمونه کشور کوچک کره جنوبی که بزرگترین کشتی سازی دنیا را دارد و همینطور5 کشور تولید کنننده صنعت خودرو است کمتراز 30 سال است که تصمیم به رشد گرفته یعنی حدود سال 1985 به این طرف…
کار آفرین بودن :
Entrepreneurship is a process or concept in which the entrepreneur enters new and creative ideas and identifies new opportunities, mobilizing resources to create new businesses, new organizations, and growing innovations. This is in keeping with the risks involved, but often results in the introduction of a product or service to the community. “Entrepreneurs” are, therefore, agents of change that have sometimes led to astounding improvements.
Given that one of the positive outcomes of entrepreneurship is productive employment,
we must note here that attention to the life and future of the next generation is very important.
A man was walking along the beach and on his way, if he saw a starfish coming back out of the sea into the sea, someone would ask him what would you do? He explained that these creatures would dry up and die if they ran out of water. But the same man said, ‘Well, what about the one or the ten or the hundred or so?’ It was here that he heard the answer.
I contribute to this life as much as my own and others as theirs, and that should be the main purpose of humanity.
Keep in mind that a good book is a good book, and it doesn’t get old, because its content is good and a novel, a Shakespeare or an old retainer. Must be familiar with trading and investing.
It is necessary to open each screw of its own wrench.
But the fact that stock market trading is not summarized in Iran is an industry, and this knowledge must be acquired over time through study and research.
There are other areas in the industry that we will mention:
When it comes to the lives of rich people, it’s not bad to know that people like Kim and Joo are the two least involved in day-to-day deaths and things like golf courses or even mobiles. For them, it is not the right definition

privileged work and entrepreneurship for one year,
and lasting a lifetime for a
teacher who is exemplary every year,
and a lasting life.
Thomas Piketty in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century as a Scholar and Theorist opens a new window on humanity today, who deserves to read the book as well as the articles that have been critically reviewed. , Special Issue of Economics of East Bahman 1393, deals with this issue which is very comprehensive.
But what needs to be taken into account in Iran and countries like Iran is that a little bit of economics, work and entrepreneurship requires a different perspective.
To better understand the subject, let’s take a look at higher education in this country, which is lagging behind four generations of other universities in the world, and unfortunately we have to say another disaster in our education sector as a whole, 180 days out of 365 days a year. Closed!
And the terrible disease that is affecting most of our people and even our entrepreneurs is copyright. Copy of a business subject, for example in agriculture, if in a region of the country the beans are welcomed for sale in one year, the next year all the farmers will come to the farm, and it is natural that lentils or chickpeas are expensive. And beans cheap! If a person hits a production town or shop where people are welcomed, it is not uncommon for people to get into the business and get into the business and sometimes have a greater sense of competition.
It is not bad to point out here that entrepreneurship varies widely with job creation and that the entrepreneur is essentially a different person. Entrepreneurial vision is always a foundational and principled approach to more than possessions and opportunities, and in fact entrepreneur is the real capital of a society. He can create a variety of jobs with his ideas and suggestions, which are based on research and information.
It is the source of a nation’s workforce and talent and its resources that, unfortunately, are often overlooked, and fortunate enough to be looked upon with great pride!
In Iran, for example, more than 230,000 tons of rice are dumped annually, which is enough to not only create entrepreneurship and employment, but also prevent the waste of capital by simply installing a few simple and inexpensive machines in one process. Paste these rice and re-market it as Basmati branded long grain rice and fragrance, which is what our neighbors do and we are one of the most important buyers.
In some countries, such as Thailand, only 10 hectares of land are planted and used for one hectare each year and re-cultivated to be ready for harvest and consumption within the next ten years.
In Korea, they use ropes and clippings of pus and grow algae to sell to the United Nations and used in the health and beauty industries of India or other …
If we only look at the statistics of the world’s top countries, Iran is always among the top in the mining and nature … We have always been one of the few countries in the world that have everything to do with unemployment and inflation. This is how our country goes back a little bit to the great effort of our nation and our own …
Dozens of Seminars of Success and the Secret to Success and Happiness are held in this country and many people are making money this way. Sometimes they say you just have to think of becoming a capitalist or having a picture of the house in front of your eyes and you will surely get it … Smile Now cheer, get up, sit down … it will take a while No one becomes a capitalist, no one gets rich and their lives are changed except for the one who organized the seminar … Depression and frustration make the most of these seminars … Of course, in the end, these kinds of letters might be bad But nothing happens in life until there is movement and thought! It is necessary to trust God to study and to work in such a way that we will undoubtedly achieve the desired.
Why do some businesses grow in a family, and why do some businesses disappear at their peak. How much do we think about the death of our business? That is the question I am asking the most successful business owners of homeowners and financiers today?
What would you do if you lost your home, your company and your core capital in the morning?
Germany lost the important Volkswagen home in less than a day, but this half-destroyed house in the war immediately began producing three shifts … but this time it produced not soldiers’ cars but pots and supplies. Because the factory manager had foreseen that they would have the most openings with the least possibilities. How many of our houses have been destroyed today? The work of Chitti’s enormous house has become a heap of dirt!
No matter ! The important thing is that if we ask for our individual, it is not too late, but if we are indifferent to all of its national assets and assets, we will soon become one of the poorest countries in the world. Our look at the petroleum industry should not be a single product. We can only produce more than seventy thousand petro-chemical industries in this industry alone. Again, I would like to give an example from Germany, which suffered from a shortage of fuel in the war, but took advantage of the available facilities and made corn from this plant that was abundantly available, and interestingly, it was produced from the same nylon material. We call it cover
water. Water is an undeniable state of affairs and it threatens our country greatly, but great things can be done today if we pay attention.
Let’s use the word unfortunate and unfortunate … and say that we can update our farming. There are thousands of jobs and incomes in this agricultural industry and it is a pain to be neglected.
Our highly traditional and traditional farming has caused us millions of dollars in damage. In some industries we have to make a revolution and benefit from modern science. It is not impossible for us to obtain one kilogram of wheat in the least possible area with the least water loss of five kilograms of wheat in less than ten days.
The figure of 130 million scrap tires is not a disaster, it is a treasure trove that can even produce fuel, and gasoline is the least of its customer’s criticism of the same gasoline smuggled to Turkey or Pakistan.
How much do we know about our assets?
The question is?
How aware are our officials and people, especially those looking for jobs, incomes and profits? How much do they need? How much are they trying to find a way to earn money? Our nation’s top income is $ 4,000, and Europe’s $ 45,000 is ours! Where is the defect?
Our best land that can benefit us thousands of times from the oil industry and this is our personal gain by the farmers is turned into a villa and our agriculture is destroyed!
In our agriculture, the average distance between trees is still between four and six meters, whereas in today’s agriculture the world can be reduced to less than one meter and trees can be grown longitudinally. It used the roofs and made the most use of it with the least water. There are a few hundred samples of fruit and edible that we basically did not see what to eat.
Believe me you can grow ten flower buds in one square meter and then pack the eggs and sell them for more than the flower price when dried. This is one of the few things Dutch students do, and they sell and sell them in a cheap, beautiful color with a simple color printer but with little artistry.
The Caspian Sea, in the Caspian Sea, in the Caspian Sea and … This source of income and divine treasure is not just for swimming! Not just for enjoying its beautiful beach? It can also be a source of blessing and revenue if we put in a little bit of knowledge and research and look for revenue and profits. Given that the depth of this gorge is higher in the south than in the north, the creatures have flown to the margins in the Caspian Sea, which we know to be pests, but it is a blessing that they are nothing more than a comoros with the most shrimp. It is a food source, especially for salmon and even other livestock, and it is interesting to know that it is also used in the cosmetics industry.
Mutton in our country can be cheaper than bread and why not, it is a disaster that people use dog meat or donkeys or junk etc. in the sausage and sausage industries.
And we have to import sheep and meat.
How many super-industrial killings do we have in Iran?
How much empty space we have in a factory that can take advantage of the space and the salon and its facilities and machinery.
How much have we researched what we have and what we can do?
This is entrepreneurship and this is real capital!
Above all, we need a National Capital Bank and the Ministry of Industry, Mine can take the first step or why this Ministry, you can form teams as well as possible at the earliest possible time. Make this bank a national capital stock. And make it available to people who want to create jobs and entrepreneurship.
One hundred, of course, for a sum of money! This is the real capital.
You can even look at neighboring countries, or even farther afield, and take advantage of their untold and unknown national inventory.
It is possible to take advantage of the cheap facilities of that country and create jobs in that country and thus enter the world markets. It is possible to reach the markets of neighboring countries and create dozens of jobs in this way …
this is only half our step. Our next step is to focus on one room and one basement and our own home, a home-based business or home-based business, a small industry that can encompass the world. An outstanding example of that is China, which can easily be a model for the whole world, especially our country!
But the problem is we are forced to take care of our possessions!
Of course, many people don’t like it and they see it as an insult to the Aryan race and it is far from their character to pay attention to national production, global industry, and business like this. They all want big, big-house jobs. … to see if the full potential can be exploited.
These same home businesses can be created and developed both independently and cooperatively and reduce costs.
Dozens of examples of simple machines that can be used in the home industry and create dozens of jobs, will undoubtedly help create and develop jobs and income, revitalize advertising and culture, and improve the lives of people in the community. The river of health finds a new definition and health returns to society. In the shadow of this comfort the wheel of production is turning more and better, and other industries such as tourism and tourism can be revisited. In this regard, one can take a look at nature and even nature in Mani. Introduced the world. We have a land that, thanks to God, we have all four seasons at once, or in the jungle, alongside the desert and the mountains. Unemployment and lack of jobs is a funny word to say it’s simply us We don’t want to get busy and make money.Our jobless statistics show that we are depressed and mentally ill, and that we are desperately seeking copying and investing in repetitive but also risky financial capital or housing that is facing inflation and dormant capital, and Or go into the banks and face a seemingly 20% profit and 40% interest! A simple story that reveals a sick economy.

Here we are the only ones we can think of.
I read somewhere: The
world is not dangerous because some people harm others, because it is dangerous that those who witness them do nothing.
I am pleased to have had the opportunity to host such programs as the Fong Hong Art Institute of Reconciliation. We will strive to create the conditions for the better development of society by joining our good colleagues and our well-respected cultural sector. Undoubtedly, cultural affairs, especially the cultural and life skills sector, are crucial to the growth of any society.
To begin with, if it is said that we do not have a reading culture, it is unfortunate that we have the largest number of computer users and smart phone users, and this is an example of the study culture, the lack of cultural management that this context The benefits are neglected and fewer enter the field. Our hope is that we will be able to deliver services to our young generation with the talent and interest of the world and benefit from the latest technology in the world. Another effort for me and my friends to create jobs and self-confidence is to find talent and harness the power and interest of people, and drive the country forward. We are hopeful in a short timeframe, provided the respected youth and families are with us, and take valuable steps for their future talent and activities.
Our organization sees the prospect of entering global markets for its members. We are in the best condition today, and today we can think through the high literacy and interest of the younger generation as well as our greater experience of leaving the oil-based market and with a scientific approach to various sectors from agriculture to industry to manufacturing and expanding. To create industry and small businesses. It may seem weird today that we have thousands of problems in the country, including unemployment and … But the reality is that we hope to overcome this crisis soon, given the high aspirations of the people and the people. Let’s get national belief.We have shown that we can and should be able to overcome major crises. Today, our young generation can believe that if we deal well with the facts, we will be among the advanced nations in the next decade, and that means success for the next generation. Young people of today and a good future for our children and tomorrow’s generation, all this planning and effort will be possible when cultural officials and government officials work together to develop the country and develop our younger generation more than ever before. And the families and the youth themselves come out of the shell of disbelief and do their best to reach the desired destination.
One of our biggest and biggest problems is that we haven’t learned teamwork well yet, we are thinking of parallelism and individual work, we refuse to accept that individual or group work better than us, and not just training. Our religion is also distant, but also far behind the social sciences. We focus more on teamwork and teamwork than anything else in our programs.
I am happy to meet someone named Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri, the father of entrepreneurship in Iran, and I found him not only likeable, but also much more forward-looking in his sympathy for dear and entrepreneurial Iran.
Hoping for success for our dear people.
Jafar Sabri

Converted Jafar Sabri
has always sought for the best way to achieve the desired, in which we want to progress and achieve what he wants.
what should we do?
Are there any pills and medicines that people can eat to gain that level of understanding?
Are there any teaching methods that human beings can reach?
And …
Response :
At the same time, unbelief: Yes … there is
a university that can produce a good output if it knows well what to say to what student and what interests it.
And that university is a success …
not a dream! It’s real …
Success University …
provided its student is more interested and thirsty for learning.
Academic, Applied, and Simple Course Content
Experienced and empowered professors with the highest academic and international academic
excellence: Build on the genius of ordinary people.

To be able to get into this university and sit on one of its chairs, it is better to answer just one question at the entrance exam: How
do we spend 24 hours a day?
Let us know what is going on in our 24 hours? In a month, in a year, and in an eighty-year life?
A circle of human life that has lived 80 years of its life …

human life in 80 years

This man has slept for 80 years, 28 years and worked only 10 years …
how you life circle How much do you plan for your life?
Yes, the important point here is that success and a better life are right in your hands, and it is you who can change your life and make your life right.

How much do you sleep
How much do you exercise?
How many books do you read?
Interesting question, how satisfied are you with this sleep? Do you feel good or still tired when you wake up and like to sleep? This is the question you have yet to learn how to sleep well!
How could you breathe easier? Yes, breathing is the easiest thing you do in your life, and if you do not breathe properly you are always sick and depressed and tired … What is
your body or our physiological body all this time?
How are the seconds of our day and night going?
The simple question you have to answer yourself?
Yes exercise You read books and … what is the output? Do you get anything from reading your book? Does this sport make any money for you? Does it bring health?
Is output important?
All of these activities need to be looked at more closely:
most of our activities are quantitative: that is the amount of time we devote to our work.
Quality: Our knowledge, expertise and skills change the quality of the moment.
How much and how much of it is dedicated to our lives and what is its output for us?
In fact, having knowledge helps us to improve the quality of our lives with the skills we learn and enjoy more and thus get a better output. Learn how to apply its useful content and even write a book and share what we have learned after reading a few books.
If we learn to think well!
We learn to create beauties!
And on the contrary, we learn:
to have negative thoughts and to create stress and illness for ourselves.
Be careful about what you think about when you are unemployed, how much you miss about your friends, what you talk about, and …
and if we learn to think well:
health management and prevention

Energy Management Problems In living
with adversity and sometimes in the same conditions to create better conditions for ourselves and for others and for those around us …
I know a disabled person who uses his or her disability for entrepreneurship and has multiple workers. .
Successful University Curriculum Design
for Quality Management of Moments
Time and Function
Feel and live happy
Self Confidence
the health
A beautiful sentence cannot be changed without practice!
Successful people: They change
with the proper training of the principles and are made with the hardships and the training.
Practice is hard, but it has to be turned into a pleasure, or else this hard exercise will make you feel discouraged and will no longer succeed, but will make you sad.
تعریف درست تمرین :
عبارت است از :
فرصتی برای سیستم های بدن که بتواند تحت شرایط خاص برای پایداری اصولی دردسترسی، خود را تحت تأثیر قرار داده و عوامل مربوط به عملکرد را توسعه دهد.
Practice in life?
Question: Practice watching TV or lying down at home …
He wants a lot of training and smoking and or greed and nervousness and high blood sugar and … all this requires a lot of training and effort …!
Not only in the form of training, but also in the social character, the personality and the championship.

To get the desired result we need to know that:
Fitness is closely related to mental fitness and it is strongly related to skill fitness but also between energy and energy fitness. It is very important that this triangle, with its three peculiarities, have energy readiness.
But we have to admit the fact that our energy and fitness are limited, and everything is limited.
But is there really a limit to the human mind? Or is it a measure of learning and skill?
Yes here we have to say that these two have no limits and one can grow them to infinity.
the mental capacity of
the human mind is faster than the speed of light The
power of the human mind is beyond human
imagination The greatness of the human mind is infinite There is no management
to execute the skill and man is always capable of the best techniques and tactics. To perform higher and higher.
Good news
tell me what’s going on?
I say: the
quality of human life makes his
skills the domain of human skill education is the most infinite.
We have heard that:
The power of human thought is infinite!
But I say: The
power of human thinking is infinite when it is!
Must Know Brain Structure Brain

Images Have

Brain Mediator
Concentration Brain Concentration
in Our Brain Increases Mediator’s

Thinking Skills on
Mind Writing
Question We Ask You:
What Do We Have?
Self-aware and self-aware pronoun!
What else do we have? Imagine your
images of our facial expressions throughout our lives: smiling – frowning – happy – sad – and …
You have to know that the more we change our face every day, the more energy we lose, for example if we have a face at home with a face with friends and people with a face, and the more we look at these faces and faces, Changing more is actually trying to be one and that means more energy and if we have one face we lose less energy and easier to say we enjoy life more ….
Which face do you like more? Do you … How do you want to stay in people’s memory?
You need to focus on one or more things for each face, and that means more energy …
What do you think?
At the same time your brain’s GPS thinks the same thing and gets you there …
Does it affect our present moment?
When we think about something in the future it affects our mood.
And the quality of this moment will be in our group.
For example, if we have an important exam, we have a great impact on the moment.
So think today and this moment for the future.
The Human Success Paradigm:
How Do You Find Yourself?
How would you like to be seen?
The update identified the mind first and then destroyed it.
Learn the skills
First wealth is
health How much money do we want for recreation and health?
(Flying to the infinite)
Scourge to the Grave of Knowledge …
If the heart or the brain does not work its death is over and this is the subject we must know and always seek to learn.
That’s the pill of happiness and success.
Mollus oven: Believing and striving
for the necessities of life in the age of speed!
This is something we need to know and it is very important.
Whether we are sitting, sleeping or even working … at the same time, life is very much going on, and every moment thousands of different things are happening around us …
in other words, living in The move is …
so learning speed should be faster than others …
time is limited.
Time is priced.
So first let’s learn what we are most involved with.
It should be noted that:
as if I could (as you can) as if I could not (then cannot) come
here as my main point and that is the importance of converters.
In chemistry we have a substance called catalyst that helps to create a chemical process and speeds up. In fact, converters are the same catalysts in the simpler language …
A person who has learned a great deal of time and effort has become a converter to provide you with these skills in a shorter time. This way the learning speed will be much slower.
They give you a 500-page book that is said to be summarized in ten pages, then summarized in ten pages in one page, and then one page in a line … This is a conversion task … The conversion
task is to
Simplify hard information Simplify complex issues Reduce
heavy training costs
Converters shorten time and life
you know the converters around you?
What converter do you use?
Vehicles are the most important converters in our lives, for example aircraft – bicycles – cars – elevators – cranes – simple technologies and important technologies around us.
Sometimes we have to know that an hour is worth an hour, but sometimes an hour is more valuable to us, and we need to know how to value it if we can benefit from the experience and personal savings of an hour that can The book and the content teach us compactly in a little while. It will be our success that we have managed the time and we know it moment by moment, or else it takes three hours to do the same three hours. Walking to the beach You can relax and read a good book or watch a movie.
The shocking question is: ten years ago it was a megabyte, and today a gigabyte is just as big and sometimes smaller, have we ever grown that much in terms of resources and knowledge?
Iodine tried to:
Time management and the practice of managing thought and creativity
Manage Health & Relaxation Manage Feelings & Emotions
Manage your energy and workflow Manage the will & confidence Learn to
manage your golden communications & …
We need to know what we do in 24 hours. Oven Da late do not forget Big Think
We need to learn how to design our own destiny to achieve a better position.
It is worth noting that one of the good professors and converters is Dr. Alireza Soltani.
By: Jafar Saberi
Oven Da late
Jafar Saberi

Merciful, the Compassionate
La Vela faculty around Ella Billah Al-Ali Azim
in the name of Allah, the Beneficent and Merciful very,
movement is no power except in Allah most high, great.

Start small now Start
this letter based on WHO principles and respond to the challenges facing individuals, especially young people, in achieving growth and peace of mind in personal and social life.
We hope by believing in God and being kind and employing 10 core skills to promote life skills, positive thinking, and the use of abilities and competencies of the individual and group, a distinctive model of the life of a spiritually conscious, responsible, responsible person. To be committed to society.
In this session, we will pay more attention to the following questions:
Why unemployment?
New job and income?
Today is your birthday!
Second job and more income?
You don’t have to work for anyone!
How much do we know ourselves?
Can you start a new life!
Earn money in the least amount of time!
You answered the first question: (Why unemployment)? ………………………………. ………………………
The answer to the first question is very important, if you are not familiar with the matter, you are unfamiliar with a job in a company and your answer is: Of course you are right, but this is not the right reason for your unemployment! 100% of your unemployment problem is The correct answer is that over 50% of you do not want to work!
Let’s look at this as we have now thought of new jobs and income.
The answer is: ……………………………………… …………………………………………… ….
چقدر به آنچه فکر کردید ایمان داشتید و چه تلاشی برای رسیدن به آن انجام داده اید ؟
Where was your problem?
What steps did you take to resolve the issue? ………………………………….. …………………………
It may not be bad to mention at the outset that I am generally aware of this. , Say:
(life skills)
that are made:
building good and effective relationships between people, doing social activities, making the right decisions, resolving conflicts and conflicts without resorting to actions that harm themselves and others hits.
According to the WHO definition, life skills are:
(the ability to adapt to positive behavior in a way that best meets the challenges and needs of daily living)
that is best taught as life skills. And it’s very important.
Where are you in ten years?
What’s on your letter over the next five years?
Let’s draw a number axis for our lives and our future:
Make today zero, not negative, but hypothetical number 20 is good. And it is you who can reduce today’s distance to zero. It is you who can get to zero earlier. Increasing mental and physical health: Preventing mental, behavioral and social problems, including:
And the most important letter for a better life is life skills training, which UNICEF has introduced to the world since August 1993 as a model for preventing social, psychological harm. This program has been used in many countries and has had good statistical results. It is divided into two axes:

Each case has its own independent discussion that we fill in on time.
Experts categorize life skills into several levels:
Level One:
Basic and basic psychological and social skills. These skills are strongly influenced by Freemasonry and social values ​​such as self-awareness and empathy.
Level 2:
Skills that are only used in specific situations, such as negotiation, assertive behavior, and conflict.
Level 3:
Life skills are useful, such as refusing to abuse drugs.
Clearly, there are more successful people who can benefit from the complexity of life skills in dealing with problems.
The World Health Organization has outlined ten basic skills as follows :
problem solving
skills decision making
skills critical thinking skills
Creative Thinking
Skills Self-Awareness
Skills Emotion Management Skills and Emotional
Skills Coping Stress
Skills Effectively Communicate
Skills Create and maintain consistent interpersonal relationships
Empathy skills
that each need to be recognized and trained in general. But our problem is swollen in one place and that’s right in the main part of our brain, a large, swollen gland that unfortunately no medical device can show or even see in any experiment, and it is nothing but:
I know everything!
As long as we have this pain, we will not change our lives. We need to learn:
Seek information:
Learn to apply what we
learn : Learn to live better:
Learn to live better together:
Okay, as the name of this meeting (article) has pointed out (it’s too late) so we’ll quickly go over the main thing To our island and we’ll have an internal tour: A network to get to know and introduce ourselves:
Question : Have you ever gone to meetings on topics like today’s discussion or success, investing, and so on?
What was the result? ……………………………………… …………………………………………… …….
Have you followed and continued the topic of the meeting? …………………………. ………………………..
What made you leave the meeting? …………………………………………… ………..
Today is your birthday because you are here to start something new.
This is the real meaning of life again and can be started right now. Tomorrow is too late, Nowruzo can be a good year ahead and get good results if you start right now I don’t know you but I don’t have time:
Drop in
if he is out with the sea
, not Drop
in or in, sea of
unity in The fist is not in the finger!
Have you ever been to a team and worked on teams like: performing a song, theater, or playing football or volleyball?
How do you feel about teamwork? ……………………………… The
first simple rule:
Do everything as if it were the only important thing in the world. set!
Act perfectly.
Hope for this frustration at Marv is
more than the number of locks The key here is to
measure thoughts Important
Source + Audience + Tools + Message + Purpose =

Workplace Communication Skills Knowledge of life skills

A new way


Positive Behavioral Thoughts New positive thinking is the basis of all successes and living happily ever after is good health and happiness.
Happiness and Happiness = Forgive + Accept + Love
You know that:
Most successful people have at least material possessions.
It is our creative mind that shapes our lives and our future.
Smart people are investing in their own abilities.
Decision and motives – Time Management – supreme confidence
peace and happiness – intellectual creativity – remove the stress of
this story Mydanydkh:
for drilling, soleus fell
for soleus, a horse fell
for a horse, riding fell
for passenger, military failed
to defeat, A country was destroyed
And it was all because of someone who hadn’t nailed it well!

Don’t read these poems?
Going to Bedia to go from sitting
viciously trying to reach as high as she
likes To the chagrin of this
vain endeavor to overcome this dullness in
her feet and to tell me
, by myself, that she should
start praying unhindered. be
cure event before it happens to be
the one who built the business
forever love in his heart, threw
some setup pleasure he kind of gets
sometimes hundreds Introduction unwell is
neither the beginning nor do the world
a very sad and joy That is the secret behind the scenes, if
the man is traversing the distant past
because the art is the step of time,

Don’t forget
big Think
small now
Start now from the
wheel of my wife to the unintentional
I am not a whisperer from the
night carousel ends
in the morning is coming

God has wrecked the ship where it would
hurt if God
Win the ship as much as God will
if the body aches for the captain

So let’s get started now …

In the Name and Remember of God,
it is too late to ask questions.

This information is kept strictly confidential and personal and is in no way available to anyone or organization. You can’t answer any of the answers.
Name: Father’s Name: National Number:
Date of Birth Month of the Year: Zip Code:
Address and Landline: Mobile:
Degree: Previous Job: Current Job:
Last Monthly Income: What Job Are You Interested in? ?
Housing Status: Marital Status:
How Much Money Can You Make to Create a Job?
What job do you like?
Interested in arts and crafts activities such as singing, acting, writing, directing and more?
How familiar are you with sports activities? And what sport do you do?
What is your favorite team? Which sport do you like?
Name some of your favorite athletes, domestic or foreign?
What is your father or mother’s job?
What instrument do you play and how long is it playing?
What was the name of the last book you read, and who published it, and what year was it published?

What color do you like? What is your blood type? Do you smoke or smoke? If you would like to attend a private meeting and employment counseling to get in touch with you, it is worth noting that you should attend a meeting Pay 50,000 Tomans for one hour, which will get you the time to visit.
What tool do you have? How do you feel about teamwork?
Have you ever been in a team and worked in teams like singing – theater – or playing football or volleyball?
Do you have any skills? What skills do you know in general?
Have a criminal or legal record: Write the name and address of three of your closest friends: Hereby: I would like to meet in person and would prefer to be in days (individual or couple). Date of signature

The brain of wealth is the mechanism of quantum wealth

When you look at the world the first question is why am I here?
Now here can be the country where you live, can be the country you are, can be the family you are, and can even be where you are now!
Why and why your attention is drawn to this subject is a must-have in your mind!
If one does not know why, it cannot go along with it.
All human beings are associated with a triangle in life, which has an important role in their lives.
Triangle of communication
The sides of the relationship triangle
If we are to deal with the issue properly, we must say that time is important because it helps us to achieve the goal. When and when, with how much opportunity we have, and so on. These are very important, but energy, or possessions, may be important. Capital and facilities may be important, but energy is the most important thing. You have good capital and energy, you have the right time, but not enough, and as a result, everything is wasted!
Here we have to define a letter for ourselves, a letter whose absence in our lives is undoubtedly causing us serious harm, and in fact this letter is an answer to the very first reason why I am here and why I should be here And …
We divide the work plan.
Important and essential work
Important and unnecessary work
Non-essential work
Unnecessary and unnecessary work
The last two are sub activities
Of the important, necessary, important, and unnecessary, the first option is undoubtedly the first to be followed, so we learned to classify our life and our life on the basis of works, and most importantly:
Important and necessary work
This is the first step in the direction of self-knowledge …
It is the core of self-knowledge, which is infused not only by various religions but also by different ideologies.
Even Islam says: Self-knowledge is theology.
How much do we know ourselves, how much do we know and surround our most important center of our being, the brain?
How much do we care about the essentials? Although we know that it is very important when it is needed, it can sometimes change one’s life for one hundred seconds. Sometimes there is a reflection and a reflection on life, and its importance is paramount.
Here’s where to try:
In less time, with less energy, we get more results.
Researchers conducted research between 2003 and 2005 in an attempt to find out what the philosophy of education in the world is and what path it should take in the future, such as the definitive course that owns 1,000 schools worldwide and is originally from Turkey. They came together in this research. The important outcome of the meeting was that:
Preparing people for the future
At first glance, the conclusion is that this is important but unnecessary, but it is not. Because the next generation of high-speed technology and information will have many problems and the principle of education must be for the overwhelming minds of the future to be able to come. It is only in learning and solving diverse problems that they will be prepared to face crises. And here’s another triangle you can draw:
Share triangle
How much will you and I and our children share in the future. Power and ability to solve problems will be the main contribution:
The important and unnecessary concept here is the principle that we know, in this triangular triangle with the names:
There is.
After this triangle, another triangle emerges as the triangle of domination and kingdom.
In today’s and tomorrow’s world, the definition of wealth is:
Threats are the management of the remedies, not only himself but others!
In most societies that are not critical of education and learning, they are always aware of everything and unfortunately do not accept that they are making mistakes and that it is their own fault. Management is about time and matter. Have something that everyone can do but not pursue.
In today’s world, the real asset is in the management of methods, machinery, human resources and ultimately finance!
In today’s world, there is no shortage of people and no one is looking for higher education and higher education. Whatever the purpose, it is the knowledge and knowledge that comes with the help of proper learning and education. Correct diagnosis of headache from headache.
In fact, it should be said:
No one oppresses man, no one helps him!
Except for himself!
And this is itself the brain that lies only in itself and not the other!
the brain
Not a matter of chance!
Life is beautiful What is not beautiful is our tact!
Ku Daki comes to his mother and says that my classmate has expensive shoes and I also want her father’s first response and the fastest possible response is a thief and we are not thieves!
The result is that his son and the other children only realize that their classmate’s father is a thief and has stolen their rights.
When we look well, we can move on to better topics by acquiring knowledge and making it more manageable.
We have a good example of statistics called vital statistics, but good in the name of a swot.
Weaknesses – Strengths – Strengths – Opportunities
Of course, each of us has friends and relatives, such as a father, mother, uncle, spouse, etc. Each of these will be a problem in their own right if they hinder your growth and development.
Here is an interesting example:
Scientists put a bunch of bananas away from the three monkeys, and when the first monkey drove toward those bananas they poured hot water on them. The second monkey went with the hot water, and the third monkey did the same. The monkeys no longer went to those bananas and went on with their lives.
Like many people who want to make a difference in life if they want. People close to them tell of their experiences and failures, and as a result, the first, the second, and ultimately the third, are discouraged.
Interestingly, the fourth monkey was brought in, unaware of the warm water of Jericho, but when he went to the bananas, all three monkeys beat him and shouted that he should not go to the bananas and continue living. Found …
The main catastrophe began when the fifth monkey was put to the test, and when he saw no monkeys going to those bananas, he didn’t even think about going to that area in his head!
A working father, a working mother, aunt and uncle, and a working relative … The result is a working child, that is, he does not think of any other job, and his knowledge is locked in … just three generations Have:
So forget about the five core people around you and get out of that mentality …
Just keep in mind:
Weaknesses – Strengths – Strengths – Opportunities
Let’s start to find the strengths of our being. The things that exist in our brain …
A student in the class is ridiculed by his friends, even in front of the teacher, whose only ability is to be able to find different people’s phone numbers quickly and have good information resources.
She has the right ability and when she goes to the dentist she asks the doctor what is this tooth powder and is it made in the country or not? And when he realizes that it can be made domestically but comes in, he decides to make the powder with the help of his other friends, but he succeeds, but no one buys it because he One semester student is three:
Here comes an important discussion called triz.
And she inevitably uses her own power or prowess to find great global investment companies. Her coats of work (EPCF) mean investing and buying projects, she’s a rural girl. One of the functions of the Khorasan province of Iran, he said, was that he was not even allowed to finish his elementary education, and that his father would send him to school because he wanted to give his daughter a husband. She had this phone number and information from others because she was looking for a husband!
He didn’t help his father!
The brain is what exists in all of us.
Simply put, the brain is a three-story building.
The first floor is where all that is good lies in it. Of course, it’s a joke because eating, sleeping, drinking – lust and so on are all on the first floor of the brain and are known as the life-cycle animal lovers. .
The other part of the brain is the middle class and the second class of learning, which I again joke is often closed or rented and has nothing to do with it. But we need to turn on the light and be careful not to turn it off and help develop it. Yes, the human brain is the name of this part.
But the third floor is called the Transcendent Brain and we have to work a lot … wait until then …
Now if we spend a little more time not only ourselves, but also those around us with a few simple questions about where in our brain life is going!
Assuming we entered the second floor of our brain, it is not bad to know that in this part of the brain we have an (olympic) part of the brain that imitates and copies and does not have time and space, and with feeling – repetition – abundance. And human nature is deeply connected …
Remember the story of monkeys and hot water:
If we did not succeed in the past, should we not succeed in the future?
Should work be put off?
Can’t location, time and other factors contribute to our success?
For example, the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was persecuted in Mecca, but after emigrating to Medina he founded the Islamic Empire and is still standing!
Do we not read in the Qur’anic Bible that, O man, was not my world so vast that thou wouldst migrate and go elsewhere?
Did not Moses (AS) cross the Nile and emigrate with his companions?
Didn’t Jesus (as) with his companions go to Jerusalem and not emigrate?
Professor Dimitr did not succeed in America and he had to go to Japan and today the Japanese emperor says we owe this person!
If we face a problem, change the environment!
Don’t let the personality clash with the five people we are involved with. With pay and all pay?
This is the important point that the world of capitalism relies heavily on, and in fact from this perspective, the profits of large multinationals are growing. This is the closed mindset of most people in the world.
Inducing that everything you see in the world is a complicated matter.
Here’s a look at the subject:
Easy – Power – Fun – Learning – Modeling …
It hit a job that a country like India has achieved and succeeded.
The decision-making part of the human brain is where the early humans had less or were used, like some modern humans!
Most of us are always looking for the culprit and we pay less attention to whether we think right and classify our actions and our lives.
Most of the time we focus less.
We have a lot of backlogs.
We always put things away for tomorrow: and we say wait.
Right now
You said tomorrow, yesterday you said tomorrow, tomorrow you say tomorrow, tomorrow you say tomorrow …
There is a beautiful story of a bird that opens its cage but prefers to eat the last remaining grain in the cage and then fly to freedom, but this is never the case!
The cage door was open The bird could fly, sorry to lose the last seed missed the chance!
I say I remember the oven and … Know:
The one who gives the talk has already spoken quietly.
Many are not responsible, but you can take responsibility for your work.
Having money is not a sign of success.
There is no shortage of people who, even in Afghanistan, who study high school in their own country or in their own language in the most difficult conditions without a parent but know three or five languages, are rich.
Some look so close to the door that they don’t see the other doors open.
Let’s try to get PFC activated in our brain, and that’s the solution to the problem, and the best solution is math.
A few simple math questions:
13 × 17
15 × 14
19 × 11
12 × 18
This simple problem can be solved in a few ways and no problem if it is solved in different ways but speed and accuracy are desired.
Basal ganglia
Simply put, behavioral deficiency or behavioral deficiency
Increased behavior – less energy – speed – quality and familiarity
Important things to do:
It is interesting to note that over 90% of people are either underemployed or overworked …
Here it should be said:
Things that don’t have time don’t work.
Process (Libic) Oven Movel:
Motion – Habit – Mode – Queen – Chapter Introduction (Intractable)
That inherit human
Our behavior is two-way
Verb that relies on time and place
For example, when we say that Kamran is lying, he is different from Kamran. In the first case Kamran lies but in the second case he is inherently a liar!
And unfortunately, in a study done at an American university, they found several key factors in Iranians, one of which:
That the Iranians are liars!
So expect him to be Iranian first and foremost:
It’s a lie!
The result is:
Coat + Feel = Habit
Here the peripheral division of the periphery is divided into five pentagons.
Health – Welfare – Relationship – Security – Habits
We all know soda is harmful to health but we drink or drink it!
It is the heart of the first floor of our brain that hampers our progress and casts a shadow over our success.
You’ve heard the cool slogan most big retailers say:
Just buy from us once, you will be our customer!
Important brain products:
Two palms
Limestone Concrete
From the first and second cases to the third case, the same Limig is prescribed when the pain is increased.
In fact, this happens when we do not have the strength to endure the pain and our brain needs it.
What can we do to increase the power of suffering in our lives?
Scientists suggest testing pool of death:
In this experiment, mice are used to throw 20 mice into the pool of water and then choke for 15 to 20 minutes, but then kill another 20 mice at the same time. They save minutes from death and return to the same conditions twenty days later. Here the mice live not only for more than twenty minutes but for more than twenty days …
The answer is simple. The mice were hopeful that a hand would soon come to their rescue.
This is what human beings should have:
Hope and Hope …
Hope is the same as happiness. There is a smile to be had with happiness.
True happiness has a boldness to it, and that is the hope.
Interestingly, even in the Qur’an there are many verses in this regard:
For example he says:
Do not become weak or sad You will win if you have faith.
But again we have a problem in the name of all-knowing and all-knowing that does not allow us to succeed.
The story of a cheese-maker and someone else with only the knowledge and hope to sell this cheese to other countries contracts with him and succeeds. The man of labor believes in this from the beginning. And he did not believe that he could and could not enter international trade.
Like someone who is waiting for salvation but does not believe in salvation, he must first consider himself dead!
In business, sell first then buy!
Live for happy and healthy development and put the space of life and surroundings together with smile and happiness Hope and create a space to enjoy.
To do this, try activating all parts of your brain:
What can we do to keep all parts of our brain active?
The most important thing is teamwork.
Attend and help with communities and groups
Build communities, network, and work as a team.
Always say when we come to a group:
I can also contribute.
Gar Gar Hee:
We invite three men and three women to form two groups, each group having to start a word and each group repeating one word after another adding another word so that at the end of the words from three to ten Or twenty … for example:
Dara – Bada
Dara – Bada – Abad
At the end of this work, we find out how much disbelief we can find in a group of disbelievers while still paying attention and respect to the person’s opinion and word!
Note: It is no different to use pen and paper.
Work done in a thought room and in organizations is very necessary!
The work we do less and the less collaborative we know!
We must learn that:
Know our brains well, which is the key to success and sustainability.
Examine the different parts of the brain (primary – secondary – transcendent) and describe the tasks of each part.
Observe how the audience’s current situation works, consistent with scientific and test experiments.
Brain & Miracle Habits (Business Normalization & Activities) How does a brain develop a habit?
How to create new habits and make money?
How to prevent bad habits and poor beliefs?
Technique: Motion, Habit, Queen, Season Season (With this technique you create positive habits inside you, and eliminate bad habits completely by using the body’s biological clock)
Brain Miracle Achievement Goal:
Relationship with instrumental money or targeted money
How to Make Money Making Goals?
Technique DO IT NOW
Brain PFC Tasks: The Brain Decision Making and Decision Center.
Advanced Decision Making Techniques Using Brain PFC Activation Techniques
The ways of mastering money:
How to Increase Our Skill to Make More Money?
How to control money and use money as a money making machine?
Ways to Prevent Spills
Brain and some resources came:
Create different options for making money
Get used to the brain Different options for making money
Use the Secondary Singular Groove section to monetize various options
Collective Brain Miracle:
The human brain and dominoes change!
How to get great results from small changes?
The Role of Teamwork and Presence in its Environmental Impact Assemblies on Brain Laminating
Brain and time:
Work and time !!!
The role of the basal ganglia in controlling body velocity and motility
Tasks sorted by time
Brain Time Management
Brain & Sales:
Quantum Brain Secrets in Wealth Attraction:
How to sell more by knowing the brain knowledge?
The law of inertia on how to attract wealth
The Law of Attraction and its Effects on Entrepreneurs’ Brains
How to Increase Sales by Using Temporal Activation of the Human Brain !! Einstein’s theory of relativity in simple language:

And … hoping for more of our individual knowledge and insight …
Jafar Saberi

A stranger, very close to me
I hate myself, I’m ashamed of myself when I look in the mirror, I often say to myself what did you do? where are you?
It feels weird, when it comes to oppression, when you feel that your rights are being violated and that you can’t do anything … nothing is wrong with you and you know that you were innocent and oppressed. You got it
… Sometimes a person is in a mental state, feeling like he is trapped in a terrible vacuum and his soul is not at all comfortable. He does not enjoy being with others, and reading, listening and even seeing him does not comfort him. The surrounding air is very heavy for him and the breath itself does not help him. The stranger feels in his throat and does not know what he needs and thousands of thoughts and images pass through his mind as he cannot concentrate on one of them.
Ku sees Ducky and his teens clearly and sees each of his friends and foes in front of him, their voices
He hears and closes his eyes so that nothing can enter them.But it can’t. In pain and in the throes of betrayal, betrayals hurt more than anything else, and remembrances of the hearts of those in distress are heartbreaking. He hates his mother’s hometown, prays that he wishes he had been somewhere other than this place and wrote a fate besides this one … and that he suddenly remembers a smile and a face. The memories are good. With him, he now has an excuse to look back and remember to remember more. From the first moment of the visit to the moments of being with her, her sweet expectations and her conversations with her or her never-to-be-told stories … and again the heavy burden of betrayal and distress fills her heart and the silence of the terrifying distance between You and she and all the sweets of life are coming back, this time you’re back and …That’s what you were expecting. True, your tears will burn and warm, your lips will get hot and your face will be a little red now. Everything is indescribable here. Release your throat but, no, there is no place to scream. You feel how truly cruel you have been throughout your life and how lonely you are … complain about your parents who created you and endured so much pain You don’t say to yourself that I wish people … and I wouldn’t be … to make others comfortable and I would get rid of this life too …You complain to your parents who created you and you don’t have to endure so much pain that you say you wish people … and I wouldn’t be … until others were comfortable and I would get rid of this life. ..You complain to your parents who created you and you don’t have to endure so much pain that you say you wish people … and I wouldn’t be … until others were comfortable and I would get rid of this life. ..
I don’t know you, but for over 40 years I have had this once or twice a week and then how relaxed I am. I feel like I’m so different from other people, I tell myself I have something that no one else has, and I see things that others don’t see. I tell myself carelessly, let everyone think they are more intelligent than me. Think, they can wear hats, let them think they are better than anyone. No one is like me, I love that feeling, the feeling of being human, the feeling that I can be good and hate bad, don’t lie. Even if I know, I can be more successful. I’m happy to be this guy and now I know you’re like me, like me, because you have most of these.
My hand doesn’t reach you, but put your hands together and caress yourselves, and let your tears slowly slide down your cheeks and down, don’t be scared when you get close to their edges. Because it is boiling over you because it is called heart, hot, you know why? Because it is coming from the heat, breathe breathe you need this breath and you should not let your thirst for the surrounding air, you must be I have to be, we have to be … How much did you smell the spring flowers this year? Would you like to step on the yellow autumn leaves again and hear their scratches? Would you like to put snowflakes on your face? No … no … don’t touch your tears, don’t leave the tears on your eyes, so that your edges and cheeks remain.Now if you go to look in the mirror you are a different person, you just peeled now you have grown bigger Now you can tolerate the behavior of others and throw bad things into one corner of your heart. It means you’re alive. The rest of it is unimaginable, the one you love but it doesn’t matter. If it wasn’t for you, now if you like me, write whatever you like, even if it’s a line or a word, but don’t throw it away, hold on, these are nice words for you. , Carefree people, love yourself, I’ll calm down and hope you’re like me, I love you strangers who are so close to me and not me at all …If it wasn’t for you, now if you like me, write whatever you like, even if it’s a line or a word, but don’t throw it away, hold on, these are nice words , Careless people, love yourself, I’ll calm down and hope you’re like me, I love you strangers who are so close to me and not me at all …If it wasn’t for you, now if you like me, write whatever you like, even if it’s a line or a word, but don’t throw it away, hold on, these are nice words , Careless people, love yourself, I’ll calm down and hope you’re like me, I love you strangers who are so close to me and not me at all …

I wrote this poem just after such a mood in Tehran, 26/2/1393, Tehran , I read it again after more than 23 years today and I came back with the same wonderful feeling. I still think love has the same meaning and I’m happy But I still have a better sense of the word, so I want to say a lot about it, because maybe at first glance we can understand the simple meaning of these letters, but in fact behind each These words, I have followed the profound meaning that it is not bad to know … I mean love like love burning, butterflies, I do not believe love is that bubble They could imagine the mother is expected to waste waiting for hope, hope, love, birth and child love, truth and what is sad is it when blown.
+++++++ The stream of life is going on. And my piece of floating float in that rocky, branchy, thing is moving but the creek is in a jar and it’s hard to separate from what I had.
+++++++ Beyond the May, Behind the Good Smell of the Village Honesty Is Alive Love Is Alive Still reading Karbala’s cock and Leila watering it with a mud bowl … and she has an eye corner towards the fog where Ahmad Karbala’i comes in May
fissures and Leila eyes the creek +++++++ I mean love like burning, butterfly, no love is a secret love between you and him The sound no longer hears what it feels and understands …
++++++++ The tired hand hits the last wheel. The other wheel does not rotate. The wool of the Narcissus remains half-spun and the Narcissus stumbles to the wheel, rolls itself over and goes on to the next life , Harpoon for memories, and only in his fist remembers those hooded eyes, in the old, on the heels, gazing at the heels. Ahmed came … Mashkam is beside the creek. ..
++++++++++ That is what I mean by love. Burn, butterfly, no patter!
I wrote this poem in the winter of 1991 when I was in charge of the Spinal Cord Injury Research and Research Office located at Ghazali Street in response to a poem written by Ms. Fatemeh Rakei. This poem was published only once in June 1998 in Husband’s Magazine. Receipt. And I didn’t see the chance to look back at this poem together, here the word love really helps us to be immersed in an excuse because:
love is the mystery of God
How to be human, to be human in name and to be far from love A love beyond the physical and erotic meaning, a love in all human and subtle sense, a love that can be understood by seeing and touching and being in a space of companionship. One can also give an example of Lily and Majnun’s love. Because here the same meaning of love is defined as insane even dear to his god, my God, why did you do this to me to help my heart upset me: one night insane failed prayer The Wudhu sat in the path of his own Leila, and, my God, what was open to me … and this is the beginning of the closeness and closeness of Allah and the love of this new insanity begins. I mean love in this way burning, butterfly, no peeking here refers to the disapproval of love that we ridicule the meaning of virtual and unreal love. Because love, if love is no patter .And to disbelieve love is to insist on the existence of true and genuine love that we surely believe in!
I do not believe love is a bubble just told on the dream Love is a bubble unrealistic and only on the dream, yes this dream is a continuation of a reality called expectation, because man lives with these dreams and dreams; Hopes and Expectations are the mother of all of this, and just when the glimmer of hope emerges in the midst of that sweet expectation, a loving love opens up to the world and it makes sense to love it. The birth of hope is born of love, and the child of love is the truth, and how bitter it is when it is broken. And that is when love falls from the beloved and cute from the buyer شق و در این میان چه حقایقی هویدا می شود که هر کدام می تواند خنجری باشد در میان دل عاشق دل سوخته که زخمی عمیق پدید می آورد و سالها این درد می ماند…نهر زندگی در جریان است.And the fragment of my existence floating in that stone, branch, something is moving but the creek is moving and it’s hard to separate from what I had. It is the same love that sometimes makes us unaware that life is going on and that it starts at sunrise every morning and ends with its sunset. This stillness is your sign of staying away from life and the flow of life. Your existence is left behind a love, which if you look good can be the piece that clings to a rock, a branch, something, though sometimes the stream of life whips into it to rid itself of what it is forced to do it’s hard. The creek is flowing and life is passing by. These are the days of my life or yours that are passing by and we are still attached to that object or stone or wood.Here it may be a little unkind to say that love is like a stone or a piece of wood, but one day there will come a hard time to even name a stone and a piece of wood in our privacy. In your hand you were going down the stream and you were going through life … I read somewhere:
If something is yours, it belongs to you, and if not basically it wasn’t yours. What I know and know is how hard it is to separate from what you loved and loved, whatever it is. Love in its true sense is in place … Beyond the fog, behind the good smell of the countryside There are always distances behind the mountain and the fog, always the village is a place of true honesty and love. Still, the smell of rustic mud and the dust coming out from under the flocks of village sheep calms the man truly. And strangely, among all the dirt and dirt, everything is clearer. It is interesting to know that not long ago, rural women used a handful of dirt near the creek to wash their dishes, scrubbing their dishes and scrubbing their dishes. And to be very transparent, this kind of love and simplicity and honesty is so beautiful and lovely that it cannot be shown by meticulous calculation. and say!But one has to go and find such villages, just behind the mountains and fog that were said. That village should not have a clock, and its people must still wake up to the rooster and realize that it is morning, because otherwise, according to the dear and honorable Master of the living, Ahmad Shamloo: Poor people, leave the sun behind the clock Are …
That village should not have a clock. That village should be like this, to be honest in it. And in love to live in. There should still be no bricks of any shape or size in it, and with it land and heavy and Surrounded by those burnt red hues of human flames, for the sake of comfort, the village must still have mud bricks dry with sunlight and its homes and its people Enjoy the sun inside these houses. There should not be heavy, heavy beams on the roofs of their houses, the same as natural wood and branches and leaves. Even if it does not rain in the winter and under the rain and the rain drops pass by and the homeowner has to go to the roof and repair the roof. This is the kind of village and village building you want. Where honesty can still be.
Maybe it can be!
Where the industry is not even one hour long and the people are ten, they all wake up to the sound of a rooster, the rooster of God. The journey away is the same Ahmadi that all ten girls are interested in. But only one of these girls is her fiancé, and this girl is none other than Leila who fills her musk with a bowl of mud, those who are familiar with musk. It has to be made out of peeled goat’s or mutton’s skinny skin, and the musk’s neck is actually the goat’s or sheep’s neck, so it’s difficult to fill and it must be carefully poured into a bowl of water. Here the bowl is also made of flower because it is cheaper than anything else and is more accessible to the villagers.
Leila, after seeing the son of Ahmad, a long-distance traveler who is returning from a long journey, is frustrated by the visitation of the young cheek and gazes into Ahmad’s way into the river, a shame that even in the This situation is moving, and this is the life that is passing by.
Honesty is alive
Love is alive
still sings Karbala’i cock
and Leila wipes it with a mud bowl …
And has an eye corner towards the fog
As Ahmed Karbala’i comes
, the fog splits
and Leila eyes the creek. Thief
++++++++++++ I mean love is burning, butterflies, no love is a secret love between you and him, when you say no and no other voice is heard Whatever is feeling And understanding…
And they are rightly known and loved by this feeling because in these circumstances one cannot shout and cannot express all the inner feeling, and the shameful love and shame makes even turning away the look you love. .. tired hand kicks the last wheel. The wheel no longer spins The wool of the half-lamb Narges stays spinning and the stinging narcissus rolls to the wheel and goes back to life on the way to grasping memories and only in his fist he remembers those eyes. But just a short distance from our story, Lila also lives in a very rustic, simple, lonely, old-fashioned home, where she prepares her own daily wool by spinning and preparing wool for the rugs of others, including village brides. This is … this old woman is only working with her spinning wheel, when the angel of death suddenly comes to her and turns around and goes to the other side of the life that is unknown and her name is death …Man always dies at the moment of death, the moment his hands are punched and his eyes are stitched to one side … At this moment, a man contemplates the death of thousands of things and contemplates the sweetest or most bitter moments of his life. She remembers the sweetness of seeing her lover for the first time and having fun with her. One of the most memorable moments of her life is Narges, thinking of her first love and dying, but in her fist she is nothing. It is the meaning of love that I have spoken from the beginning. Narges dies and begins a new journey, here he is a butterfly and burned and love is still in the old … On the heels of Leila’s goddess on the doorstep, staring at Narges Ah Narges … Then who cares for my carpet Ahmed … Mashkam is beside the creek. In the old, the door between yesterday and today, on It rotates and opens at the heel of the heel This is when it arrives sooner or later and today’s need and connection is yesterday.Leila stands on the threshold of a door that her owner no longer has to finish carving Leila’s dowry wool. No doubt Leila is saddened by the death of Narges, but her biggest concern is who is able to finish the semi-finished Narges. And make Leila a wool owner with a rug to make her dowry carpet … and this is the harsh face of life that even many people don’t believe in death that may come to their own accord and only lose interest. They are all gone. Our story is about wool and that Ahmad has come to God and everything must be ready, including his rug … § همان سمبل زندگی در جریان بی صاحب است ،چه کسی می تواند تضمین این باشد که احمد کد خدا نگاهش به دختر دیگری نیفتد و لیلا نیز سرنوشتی مانند نرگس پیدا نکند و به عشقش هرگز نرسد! And the useless rocker can find a new owner … I mean love like burning, butterfly, no patter!That is, at the beginning of this post I did not believe in love, I know it as a bubble I only dream about imagination Mother expect us to always make our lives and the future as we wish with our dreams and We wait for what we like to emerge. This hope sometimes leads us beyond death and encourages it. Not that bad hope is not bad expectation and silence, not patience, but sometimes the belief that life can be full at any moment. It is love and hope and pleasure that is beautiful. Only a moment can be very valuable, knowing that the value of a watch is the lover who awaits the lover. The value of a minute is good for a person on a train. The value of one second is that it survives a deadly accident … Remember, time is not waiting for anyone.This hope sometimes leads us beyond death and encourages it. Not that bad hope is not bad expectation and silence, not patience, but sometimes the belief that life can be full at any moment. It is love and hope and pleasure that is beautiful. Only a moment can be very valuable, knowing that the value of a watch is the lover who awaits the lover. The value of a minute is good for a person on a train. The value of one second is that it survives a deadly accident … Remember, time is not waiting for anyone.This hope sometimes leads us beyond death and encourages it. Not that bad hope is not bad expectation and silence, not patience, but sometimes the belief that life can be full at any moment. It is love and hope and pleasure that is beautiful. Only a moment can be very valuable, knowing that the value of a watch is the lover who awaits the lover. The value of a minute is good for a person on a train. The value of one second is that it survives a deadly accident … Remember, time is not waiting for anyone.The value of a watch is the lover who waits for the lover. The value of a minute is good for a person on a train. The value of one second is that it survives a deadly accident … Remember, time is not waiting for anyone.The value of a watch is the lover who waits for the lover. The value of a minute is good for a person on a train. The value of one second is that it survives a deadly accident … Remember, time is not waiting for anyone. . .And the stream of life is swiftly in the air. There are two parts to life, what is past, no dream, and what is not yet a dream. Knowing what land you want to stay in the work of this word of love that you are lusting for will remain in a land of existence forever to take root and to bear fruit. Know that only the hearts of fools flow in their language! Be generous and forgive before being asked to always be in high esteem, for being able to stand in your favor and feel humiliated again. In the face of all your undeserved kindness, not to put yourself at his request or to measure yourself at his request.With the heavy burden of travel sometimes, it is an empty bag that you think can be of value to you, of what makes you happy, and of your need to diversify your needs to travel lighter. Silence is sometimes the best answer to all that is to be said: It is no doubt silence that shows true love and love is a cry for those who are far apart, not those whose hearts are close together They can speak with one another. Death buries all hatred, you overcame death and go to eternal life, and this is only with forgiveness and avoidance of hatred …Be a friend of aphids, even if it hurts you to be so relaxed, because what happened, happened, and staying with it only hurts your soul more than others, from these scraps and scratches. Free your life by the creek and start living and creep into the creek to enjoy it more psychologically … I love you I know you and me. A stranger, very close to me …
Jafar Saberi

Welcome to our village
Two days left until the end of his life He just realized that he had no life … His
calendar was full and had only been out for two days, he was distraught and angry with God to go. Take more days from God!
Bad and shouted God said silence.
The sky and the earth were shattered God was silent,
screaming and God was silent God was silent
with angels wrapped in silence God was silent and
he wept bitterly and fell prostrate ..
God broke his silence and with Kindly said: You lost the day all bad and deranged and another day went only one day of your life come and live at least this one day …!
“But God, what can only be done one day in a day?”
And God answer: To experience the pleasure of living one day as if he lived a thousand years and who does not understand today does not work a thousand years …
!Go Live Now: Then share a day’s share of hands and say the
most important factors in increasing productivity are:
1) Creating the right mental space
2) Experience and track record of performing the job duties
3) Work culture and employee beliefs Towards effective performance of their duties in the organization
4- Motivate people to perform their job duties to the optimum
5- Employees’ morale and satisfaction with their work in the organization
6- Mental and physical balance of the employees of the organization
7- Employee participation in the decisions
8- Innovation And creativity and providing an environment for growth of creativity
9- providing effective training facilities in the organization
10- practicing effective management and Efficient
11-Discipline in the work and time management practices in the organization
12- The amount of people involved in the organization and the interest in teamwork
13- The knowledge and expertise of the various business
executives in the organization 14- The attitude of the employees towards their work and the organization of their workplace
15- The nature of work shows
effective factors only when Business people show interest. And their motivation to work increases when they have the proper psychological space in the organization. The right mental space can also improve the morale of employees, enable them to participate in the organization, enhance creativity and innovation …

Manpower, an important factor in productivity
Increasing productivity in any organization requires numerous conditions,
most importantly human resources. In order
to increase the job satisfaction of employees, appropriate psychological space should be provided in the organization.
Proper mental space improves employee morale and facilitates their participation in the work. And it will lead to creativity and innovation.
The question that every inexperienced manager asks is why do people work?
Why are those who were previously interested in their work now discouraged?
Why is an employee working in one unit enthusiastically and in another unit of the same organization other than unsuccessful employees
How do the characteristics of an office or organization affect employee motivation and productivity?
The answer to this question is that people work for different reasons.
A survey of hundreds of employees and workers published over a period of seven years, published in 2003, shows that the motivation of a community to work is divided into three categories.
1. They want to
work for money and money 2. They like to work 3. They work
for social dignity
The effective factors in promoting productivity are:

Working capital technology
and, most importantly,
manpower will also have optimal productivity when motivated to work. To enhance the motivation of individuals, the work environment needs to take into account their personal needs and economic issues.
Read, Forgive, Act
in Successful Organization = In the unsuccessful
organization Successful
employees have a sense of responsibility and motivation and a desire to execute.
Everybody thinks – they consult Managers make decisions, they communicate and they get feedback. The flow of information is two-way from top to bottom and vice versa.
Relationships are the basis of trust.
Employees think about their work and managers think about employees.
Everything is qualitative and quality matters.
They both think about the statue and the aspirations.
There is a combination of rules and relationships.
Encouragement over punishment and attraction over repulsion prevail.
Training is done with the program and is considered an essential investment. It is human relations.
Work environment for production staff.
The body and spirit of the staff in the organization.
Work is a means of flourishing human essence. Employees think about their working maturity. Employees are proud of their organization.
The work environment is beautiful and the smell of flavors.
Intellectual motivation and heart motivation are also used at work.
The staff makes the bill (proposal) and scents.
The relationships and performance of informal organizations are in the organization’s interest.
Generally good things are done.
People realize their mistake and accept responsibility and everyone feels responsible.
Discretion is proportionate to responsibility.
People have the audacity to make mistakes because of the acceptance of this phenomenon by managers, and innovation is commonplace.
The emphasis is on reality.
The organization is on the rise.
Employee perception of work, work environment and productivity management
The unsuccessful
staffing organization works by controlling and reaping material rewards.
Managers think they make decisions, they control, and they control.
The flow of information is two-way from top to bottom and vice versa. Relationships are based on mistrust
Employees are controlled at all levels and in everything. Everything is small and quantity is important.
Only think about statistics.
They are governed by the terms and conditions and strict enforcement.
Punishment over encouragement and repulsion over gravity prevail.
Accidental training is not done with the app. And it is considered to be a cost-effective one.
Relationships are inhumane.
The work environment is for exiled employees.
The only human body within the organization.
Work is merely a means of subsistence.
The workplace is just a workshop, and sometimes camps are at odds with one another.
Employees think about their rights.
Employees complain about their organization.
The work environment smells of pollution and the smell of smoke.
Only the arm and arm of the staff are used at work.
Staff make rumors and lesions.
Unofficial organizational relationships and employee performance are against the organization.
In general, things get flawed.
No one accepts wrong responsibility and everyone is held accountable.
Power does not fit with responsibility.
People do not have the audacity to make mistakes, and therefore innovation cannot be researched.
The organization is declining.
Employee perception of work environment and productivity management.

The seven reasons that keep us from working and improving We

always introduce habits that are useful, but this time we want to give you 7 habits that you should avoid.
Just like knowing the habits that are helpful to you, it is important to know the habits that will make you fall back.
Most of these 7 easy habits can be part of your daily life without even realizing it.
These 7 habits cause you to lose performance and efficiency in most aspects of your life.
1. Not being present.
You may have heard this sentence from Woody Allen:
“Eighty percent of success is presence.”
One of the biggest and easiest things you can do to determine your success in life, whether it be your social life, your work life or your health, is to be more present. If you want to improve your health, one of the most important and most effective things to do is to stay in the gym when needed. You may be cold, not getting up, or having a lot of work on your head. Be it. If you still go to the club with all these conditions, when you have low motivation to show up and be in the club, you will progress much faster than staying home and lounging on the couch.
This applies to most aspects of life. If you write more or draw, you will progress faster. The more you go out, the more you will make friends. The more relationships you have, the more likely you are to find your ideal spouse. Having more presence makes a huge difference in your life. Not being there brings you nowhere.
2. Wasting half a day.
Here are three great ways to get out of time and forbid:
– Swallow the frog.
What does this mean?
That is, do your hardest and most important work in the morning.
Having a good start at the beginning of the day boosts your spirits and gives you good movement throughout the day, giving you a productive day.
– How to eat an elephant?
You don’t have to swallow it all in one mouthful.
Divide the task into smaller parts, then focus only on the first step and nothing else.
Run that Qom to finish it. Then enter the next step.
– Waste some time.
If you spend 20 minutes a day doing something you enjoy doing, you will have less desire to waste all day.
3. When you want to do something, do something that is not the most important thing at the moment.
One of the simplest behaviors you can get used to, besides wasting time, is to get yourself involved in trivial things.
To be useful, you need to be able to manage your time
This time management system can be very simple, like the 80/20 rule at the beginning of every day The 20/80 rule says: You get 80% of your results from 20% of the work you do. So you have to devote most of your energy to those few important things to be effective.
When prioritizing yourself using this rule, note down the 3 main things you should do every day. Get things done from top to bottom of the list. Even if you succeed in doing only one thing, you still have the most important thing of your day. You may prefer other systems for time management, but whatever you need, you should be able to find the most important tasks of your day to avoid wasting your day.
It’s not just about getting things done fast, you need to get things done that matter to you.
4. Thinking hard.
Analytics can prohibit many years of your life.
Thinking before doing anything is okay. Do a little research, plan, study the problems and the potential benefits of doing so.
Ongoing and obsessive thinking is another way of wasting time.
Before you try something, you need to examine it in all aspects. And you can’t wait for the best time to do something. Because that time never comes. And if you spend your time thinking, you just dig yourself deeper and deeper into it, and it gets harder and harder for you to act.
Instead you should stop thinking. Close your mind and go and do what is necessary.
5. See the negative in everything and everything.
When you look at everything from a negative perspective, you will create a hole in your motivation. You’ll find bugs in everything, even in places where there’s really no problem. That’s where you get involved in the details. If you want to find a reason for not doing a job, it’s okay. On the negative side, you can find ten separate reasons at a time. You will always be complaining about your life and work. One solution is to:
Understand the scope of the negative view to understand
that your view is not a 100% real world image. Next you should try other views:
For example, try to get used to looking at things from a more positive perspective. It may not be easy, but if you take on the challenge and try to see only positive things for 7 days, your insight will change your view of the world.
6. Cling to your beliefs and turn to external influences.
It is not easy to accept that your thought or belief was not the best. So you get tougher and tougher on your beliefs and keep your minds closed. It blocks the way for you to grow and be effective. Even thinking that you can change your life in such a situation seems difficult. One obvious solution is: Open
your mind a little. Learn from others’ mistakes
From your own mistakes and other sources like books. Of course it’s easy to say. One suggestion that can be made for this problem is just like what we explained earlier: to know the limits of what you know and how you do it. Then try something completely new.
Another point is:
Study a little more about the human self
If you try to get less involved in your thoughts and feelings, it will be easier for you to accept new ideas and thoughts.
You have to throw away old thoughts that have been of no use to you.
7. Constantly flush information.
The point is not to collect too much information to read too much. This is to bombard yourself with information in every context. Letting go of all sorts of information will make it hard for you to think. Other problems include:
Some of the information you receive may be negative Your
media and people are usually labeled negative for a variety of reasons. If you do not choose what information you enter into your life, you may be drawn to negativity. It affects your thinking, your feelings, your behavior and your actions.
Sometimes it makes you want to keep track of all the events, but there are always new things happening that make it hard for you to follow them all together. This will make your life stressful.
When your mind is always bombarded with information, it will be difficult for you to make a decision. When you receive a large amount of information constantly, your mind will become involved in constant analysis and no action will be taken. Or you get into habit # 3 and keep on doing trivial things. To be able to focus:
Think more clearly and get into action
It is best to carefully select the information that comes into your mind. When working, it is best to turn off your phone, keep yourself away from the internet, and lock yourself in the room. You’ll be amazed at how many times you can work and be productive in such situations.
We don’t mean to stop reading blogs and newspapers. But think about what to read.
For example, you do not need to get all kinds of negative feelings from those around you. When all the people around you are wasting time or trying to show off their trivialities, you can be very effective too:
leave yourself locked
in such situations and focus on more important things.
The original author of this article was not clear. I saw some interpretations for reading and reading.
Head long and good luck …
Ja’far Saberi
black and white pebble
Once, a farmer lived in a village who had to pay back a lot of money he had borrowed from an old man. The farmer had a beautiful daughter who many wished to marry. When the greedy old man found out that the farmer could not repay his money, he offered to make a deal, saying that if he married the farmer’s daughter he would forgive her debt, and that his daughter would be frightened to hear this, and that the fraudulent old man would do his best. Show me he said, “We’re doing one thing, I’m throwing a white pebble and a black pebble into an empty bag. If he pulls out the black pebble he must become my wife and the debt is forgiven; and if he pulls out the black pebble he does not have to marry me and the debt is also forgiven; The conversation took place in front of the farmer’s house and the land was full of pebbles.Meanwhile the old man bent down and picked up two pebbles. The girl with sharp eyes noticed that she had picked up two black pebbles from the floor and threw them into the bag. But he didn’t say anything! Then the old man asked the girl to take one of them out of the bag. Imagine what you would do if you were there? What advice do you have for that girl? If you analyze the situation well, you see that there are three possibilities: ۱ـ The young girl should reject the offer. ۲ـ Both get pebbles and show that the old man has cheated. ۳ـ Take one of those black pebbles and marry the old man so that his father will not be imprisoned. Think for a moment. The purpose of this narrative is to evaluate the difference between logical thinking and what is called lateral thinking. This young girl’s dilemma cannot be solved with logical thinking. Think of the results of each of these three options, what would you do if you were her? And that is what the shrewd girl did:He took his hand into the bag and grabbed one of the two pebbles and quickly and playfully, without seeing any pebbles, pretended to slip out of his hands and fell to the ground. It was impossible. At that moment, the girl said, “Oh, I’m so clumsy! But it does not matter. If we get the pebbles inside the bag it will be clear what color the pebbles fell from me … and since the pebbles in the bag were black, then it should be white pebbles. The old man also failed to admit his cunning and forced his bet and the girl pretended to be astonished by the result. The result was a 2% advantage. Always a solution to complex problems It is true that we do not always look at things from a good angle. Your life can be full of positive thoughts and ideas and wise decisions.Your life can be full of positive thoughts and ideas and wise decisions

I don’t know who this story is but it was beautiful and readable!

What is Facilitation?
Humans live in groups, in groups and learn from groups, make decisions, and take action. Human behavior is formed in groups such as the family or school, and it is from the group that humans acquire their identity. Group synergy, understanding the ability of the group and interacting with one another, is the power of problem solving and planning in an artistic group called facilitation.
A facilitator is someone who uses his or her knowledge of the trends and interactions of the group to provide the structure necessary for a group to participate in the best possible way at the best possible time. The facilitator uses the principles of group dynamics to build a process that results in a meaningful outcome, relying on the participation of all participants and focusing on the necessary content.
A facilitator during a workshop activity may do many tasks, at one time it is necessary to take the time, at another time to divide the participants into smaller groups using specific techniques, Proceed fairly, or write notes quickly. However, the facilitator is focused on the workshop process. To do so, it is not enough just to know the techniques, but to have a set of ethical characteristics and the need for some facilitators (such as effective communication skills). Sometimes during the facilitation work, there are tensions and challenges that the facilitator’s skill can greatly help the group. It can then be said that a skilled facilitator knows well when and by what technique and based on which skills the group should advance.
The capabilities of a successful facilitator
Active listening, grouping, communicating, summarizing, analyzing and summarizing, understanding content, time management, creating space, retelling, taking turns, following the main path, encouraging, asking open-ended questions, preparing a checklist, Finding commonalities, mind-blowing, indexing, recreating, double-talk, nested circles, love and commitment to work, impartiality, content submission, accountability, mutual respect, punctuality, honesty, co-op, empathy, democracy Keywords: Positiveism, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Ability to Use Educational Assistance, Internet, Good Drawing and Painting, Attractive and Happy Appearance, Fairness Justice Yeti, passion, building trust, paying attention to differences, paying attention to nonverbal communication, kindness, careful word choice, learning spirit, decisive behavior, belief in win-win, people-sensitive, familiarity with participatory management, familiarity Introduction to the principles and principles of teamwork, familiarity with creativity techniques, acquaintance with life skills, acquaintanceWith mental imagery, continuous evaluation and evaluation
Facilitator How to start a workshop?
1- Introduction 2- References 3- Workshop Rules 4- Workshop Goals 5- Workshop Content 6- Expectations of
Facilitating Participants How to finish a workshop?
1. Summary 2. Evaluation 3. What is the happy end of a

facilitation workshop ?
The word facilitation is a word with a different meaning. Webster’s Dictionary of English has found this synonym in simplification and bug fixing. In a given culture, facilitating means facilitating and facilitating. This is a very broad meaning of the word.
Our use of the word is defined in the context of a workgroup and in managing meetings and conducting workshop sessions. A person called facilitator.
The facilitator is a neutral person who has no particular direction and is not a decision maker or decision maker. She works as a facilitator and facilitator in group and office workshops and facilitates workshops so that people in the group can:
1) Participate in the group and participate
2) Easily share their ideas with the group.
3) actively engage the group in achieving the desired goals;
4) pool their experiences and knowledge to enhance the experience of knowledge;
5) contribute to greater understanding of the collective wisdom
; Moving forward
7) Helps solve problems by providing solutions for decision making and decision making.
Why do we need facilitation?
Facilitating creates conducive conditions for favorable dialogue and dialogue, and virtually no one can be forced to interact with others consistently. It is up to the facilitator to create such a situation. We usually still use the traditional methods of meeting (the chair) at our meetings. The disadvantage of these types of meetings is the attitude fundamentals that are transformed into meetings (presiding over meetings) and implying a “top down” relationship and not everyone in the group is equal because the meeting has a chairman. . In other words, everyone is equal in appearance, but some are ـ ـ who endorses the boss ـ!, So everyone does not strive for greater participation and the level of engagement is low.Through careful planning of the use of (group processes) (observation) (active listening) and (skillful intervention) a good facilitator can play a prominent role in enhancing the efficiency of the debates and workshops. Having an effective facilitator instead of boring and tedious repetitive meetings, and even in hostile situations, can create highly collaborative participatory workshops and workshops to the extent that they maintain mutual respect and rational self-esteem. Know it yourself and help you achieve your desired results creatively.Having an effective facilitator instead of boring and tedious repetitive meetings and even in times of hostility can allow participants to develop highly collaborative meetings and workshops to the extent that they maintain a mutual respect and self-esteem. Know it yourself and help you achieve your desired results creatively.Having an effective facilitator instead of boring and tedious repetitive meetings and even in times of hostility can allow participants to develop highly collaborative meetings and workshops to the extent that they maintain a mutual respect and self-esteem. Know it yourself and help you achieve your desired results creatively.
Essential Role of Facilitator:
1. The most important role of facilitator is to create appropriate and conducive enabling environment for teamwork and teamwork.
2. The facilitator helps to bring together the goals and theories of different people so that they can achieve the goals and theories of group and collective wisdom in a coordinated and coordinated way.
3. He pursues those goals that motivate the collective, in the midst of the individual will in the group.
4. The facilitator provides the appropriate conditions for meeting the goals of the meeting.
5. The facilitator is a flexible and impartial reference that the group can easily communicate with and use.
6. He embraces wise subjects and different emotions and attitudes and tries to balance the group.
7. The facilitator can share his ideas with the group, but only if he has created the atmosphere necessary to present his views. In any case, he should not impose his ideas on others and only share them with the group and allow them to accept or reject his views.
8. Throughout the work group, the facilitator is sensitive to the deep and deep emotions of the individual and is attentive to them.
9. In facilitator work, a facilitator is aware of his or her own weaknesses and limitations and accepts them easily.
The Difference Between Facilitation and Education
Most in English don’t make much of a difference between a Trainer and a Facilitator facilitator. If the two are different. One may be a good educator but not a facilitator. A person may also be a good facilitator but lack the training skills.
One of the goals of this introductory workshop is to introduce facilitators, not education.
Note that skilled educators / trainers are not necessarily facilitators.
A teacher / trainer can also be a good facilitator.
Learn the knowledge, skills / techniques, and tools and attitudes of the facilitator so that they can be easily applied in a timely manner to the target audience.
Have the knowledge needed to utilize empirical / applied learning methods so that they can experience and execute themselves through the process of participation and practice.
Able to perform the role of active listener for markers and reporters and to be an effective composer for everyone. Ability to create, maintain, expand, communicate and collaborate, and provide the space needed for collective solidarity with respect to differences of opinion.
A few examples of suggested strategies for facilitating
dialogue and opinion-building: This can be achieved through collective wisdom. But this requires three preconditions: All participants set aside their prejudices and avoid them. All participants look at each other with respect and respect. At least one facilitator to keep the atmosphere calm To use.
Without the facilitator running the meeting or workshop, rather than sympathetically, most talkative people make the meeting boring and irrelevant, and sometimes work quickly leads to contention.
Facilitating Group Process Facilitation: The facilitator must be open-minded and keep himself or her on board so that the process of participation and participation is well advanced. He tries to get the least attention so that the people in the group – the participants – do not forget their duties and responsibilities and regard the meeting as a separate and abstract process. Make everyone feel that they are accountable and that they are involved in the work.
Keeping the main path: The facilitator, by asking timely and concise questions, tries to provide the path to the goals and can be a fruitful indicator. For example, when someone says something about a sentence, the facilitator says in a positive way: It was interesting and asks: Is the opposite of the sentence true? And then for further analysis he asks: Is the opposite of this statement true? Or does anyone else have a complementary or different point of view? In this way, he gives greater depth to the issues at stake and encourages more participation on the topic by politely avoiding wasting time.
Mirroring in the group process: By facilitating the role of mirrors for group members, telling the same facilitator can facilitate the process or participatory process and group discussion that is taking place and help people identify the path. In other words, in some cases, people get so caught up in a group discussion that they forget about it and get away with it. Here the facilitator can reflect the process or process being formed in the group. Especially in times of group conflict this reflective and mirroring role can be very problematic. In such cases, the facilitator brings his or her ideas and ideas together in such a way that different and even opposing views come together, and the facilitator’s role here is to present his or her observations on the issues directly so that his or her group can make the right decision. Slow. In this way, he does not say what the group should do, but merely offers assistance.
Improving Participation Level and Incorporating Different Views: One of the most important tasks of a facilitator is to set the type and volume of group discussion among participants. He must balance people. Using smaller group work to achieve this balance is the use of collaborative working methods and tools in focus group discussions and up-to-date collaborative approaches.
Definitions and Reasons for Facilitation: The essential role of facilitator and the difference between facilitator and education and some examples
of collaborative work with adults is a
framework of partnership based on mutual respect and appreciation. Admittedly, the difference in thinking is beautiful and it creates innovation and creativity.
Adults will have the highest level of engagement
when : We all agree that we learn from each other and that learning is a key principle in any collaborative work.
We’re all special so let’s all go for a hundred goals and all the better.
Things that fit our needs and capacity will be better suited to us.
We value each other’s experience in examining the issues and think and experiment as much as we can.
Use win-win and win-win methods.
While achieving the results is key, processes also play an effective role in capacity development and adults both pay attention.

Objectives of the facilitation workshop
Aims to create awareness and common language:
A: Identify key concepts in facilitation and why it matters
B: Differences in facilitation, training, and coaching
C: Ksa Knowledge Tasks, Skills, and Attitudes Necessary for Practicing and Case Examples of Facilitating Behaviors in Managing Effective Meetings and Workshops
D: Applying the principles of capacity building and empowerment to engage more adults with an emphasis on participatory approaches and sustainable, outcome-based approaches
E: At the end of this consensus facilitating workshop, answering the following questions about facilitator: Where are we? Have we ever done a facilitation? If yes:
Identify the strengths of the painting
And if not, what is the point of identifying how others are using it?
Where do we want to go? In other words, what are the outcomes we want to facilitate?
In other words, what lessons, knowledge, skills, and attitudes can help us achieve our desired results?
What will be the endurance of our teachings in the end?

Knowledge, .Skills and Attitudes = KSA

Workshop hypothesis
Participants are familiar with participatory approaches and work in NGOs (SEM).
Participants will be interested in actively participating in all stages of the introductory workshop and will share their ideas for further improvement.
Participants are present and will strive to adapt their findings to their own local and future locally, and to use these findings in carrying out their responsibilities.
Participants undertake to share their findings with other colleagues and work to promote the importance of facilitation in the process of individual organizational work and to engage with audiences and stakeholders.
Participants undertake after successfully completing specialized facilitation courses to be undertaken by the Iranian Top Talent Association with the support of the headquarters of the Tehran People’s Organizations Organization and participating during the Graduate Guidance Course to exchange experiences and innovations. In learning from successful examples and addressing challenges, they can play an active role in the future as an effective facilitator of capacity building for internal stakeholders and ultimately their audiences.
Together with our partners, we pledge our continued efforts to support the participants in this introductory workshop and to provide them with the necessary guidance to achieve the goals of effective facilitators.
Workshop core values
Valid and accurate information: We all share information with others
We all share information with others to make them aware, and we all learn more through it.
We all want new information so that we can make better decisions and, if necessary, reconsider our previous decisions and change our decisions and behaviors.
Free and informed choice: We all determine our goals and how to achieve those goals.
It is not possible to impose different ideas on others or to pen them.
We all make our selection based on valid and accurate information.
Commitment to individual choice: We all hold ourselves accountable for our individual decisions.
We are all pleased with the choice we have made.
An overview of the key skills and characteristics of a successful facilitator
Summary of Skills:
1. Active listening skills
Active listening (carefully) skilled observer
Pay attention to signs, gestures, and nonverbal communication with politeness
2. Grouping skills
To give the group a sense of humor, a positive attitude, and a witty sense of humor
Pay attention to the needs and concerns of the group to gain people’s trust
3. Ability to communicate
The use of simple, concise and succinct language of conveyance in the set of concepts
Learn about different ways of facilitating a good and kind tone
4. Ability to summarize, analyze, and summarize
Summarizing people’s views emphasizing problem analysis
Continuous Feedback
5- Understanding skills in the content
Obtain approval from the individual / group to understand the point of subscription
6- Time management skills
Complete impartiality planning and flexibility
7. Promote the principles of sustainability in partnership
Mutual respect Mutual trust in gratitude
Key features of a successful facilitator:
Polite patient with confidence
Well balanced balanced constructive criticism
Success in style
My dear friends and beloved, the greatest science is with the Creator of being. Which lies in the beauties of nature.
Science is always infinite, and the highest sciences pass us by in many opportunities;
I always thought that I could be a simple, high-level employee manager, or a simple or high-level employee, and I rejected the idea and nurtured it.
Do the things you have the most talent and knowledge about.
Risk, but thoughtfully and thoroughly;
Don’t be afraid to fail, but defeat science by supporting it.
All successful managers have been the lowest rung in the single-digit work style.
The most important factor in failure is not knowing the details.
So the most important sciences in your work are the most important.

Wasting time in management matters keeps you from performing your most important tasks.
Determine your success factor to have a good future.
“Unbreakable Thoughts Self-Succeeding Factor”
The greatest science in the nature of your behavior is your attention.
The speed of work and the sudden changes are even noticeable to successful managers.
Small responsibilities are the most important goals of an ambitious and responsible manager.
To move on to important responsibilities.
Fear of failure is the key to success and self-criticism of success.
We always know the good and bad things that happen that cannot be undone.
Success in style means we know where we want to go and what to do after we arrive.
A successful manager always looks for the good.
Let’s see more positive tips and opportunities than negative margins.
A successful manager makes a high point of failure a success.
“Always try to stay in the ball the harder we hit the ground; the higher we go”
Enhance your understanding of relationships
“Listening before speaking enhances understanding; be a good listener”
Successful people try to get great rewards in the long run.
“The one who moved the mountain started from the trenches”
We need to have the confidence we need at the right time to gain self-esteem.
A goal without a plan and its implementation is never big.
Creating positive thoughts leads to great motivations and great goals.
“Develop your motivation for great goals”
A successful manager always sacrifices margins for his purpose.
“Relying on goals rather than problems”
Always be at the highest level of competition to be at the top level. Having a good competitor will make us progress and weaken our poor competitors.
Speed ​​up valuable goals to succeed:
List appraisal is a success for achieving goals and speeding up the list.
Encouraging employees to freely interact with their work:
“Timely encouragement gives employees the confidence they need to make the upgrade”
A manager is silent when he realizes the importance of his silence for being thrown:
“The meaning of managerial silence is the ideas we have in mind for goals, but at the right time.”
Emotional growth is needed for a manager.
“Just as being a leader in all areas is essential for a manager, emotions need to be purposeful and growing in order to achieve managerial promotion.”
Management requires the creation of a proper work team and joining the appropriate work groups.
“We are not all managers, but we can manage”
It is good to do the work of successful people, but only if it is a change in our own knowledge and awareness.
“Be the Best in Business Growth”
A Manager’s Valuable Storage:
Science is not enough. It is its work and its margins and its desire for it with all its existence.
Today, all reading is valuable, but understanding the most important ones that helps our goals is good.
“Read important stuff to get important results”
By creating positive thoughts in the minds of others, you will gain a fame at all stages and become an influential manager.
Crossing over different ideas from our thinking is just an opportunity that we miss every day without motivation. If any of these ideas are applied and can be implemented at the same time, we will achieve the true value of the superior mind, the superior idea, and the superior manager.
The more we plan, the more we can curve it, and the higher we see it, the more successful we will be.
Successful style management strategies
Successful style management strategies
1. Responsibility
Remember, it’s not just about accepting responsibility at work, it’s about keeping up with the type of accountability process that we consider to be important or small.
2. Making improvements for employees
Make improvements for employees if the conditions are the same as try to improve the employee and eliminate the negative, if negative things happen, rather than dismissing the promotion and not trying to improve.
3. Controlling the influence of thoughts
Many managers make a great effort to influence the thoughts if the influence needs to be controlled and not exceeded.
4. Join an appropriate group
In any job we can use the right groups for the job process to be at the top of the field, if we join groups that can be effective and not fit for job growth, where the growth process stops, though. We feel good about the stage, but we have ruined the future of the job.
5. Unequal management for employees
Manage each employee according to his or her own abilities and abilities, to avoid any excesses in the management system.
6. The importance of profit
We know that having the right profits and growing profits is important for any manager, but the importance of profits means thinking of a manager not achieving profits that can compromise or fuel a set. Having the right profits is one of the most important strategies. Success is in the style of work.
7. Relying on goals rather than problems
A successful manager never sacrifices the high goals of his company and organization for the problems that always exist, but tries to reduce the margins but always keeps the goal at the top and sacrifices the goals.
8. Boss instead of friend
A manager can always be a good friend to employees, but only if he is a good boss or a good manager to maximize employee interest in the job.
9. Ability to set standards
If a manager fails to bring the things that are relevant to his product or his work environment to the employee’s standards, he cannot control his job and employees.
10. Success in training employees
The scope of employees’ competencies and the type of their performance depends on the type of training provided by the organization’s management and the HRM movement. The more successful we are, the more engaged the employee becomes and the greater the organizational growth.
11. Seeing the staff’s inadequacy
As it should be noted that employees deserve to be seen and controlled as they are, a poisoned employee in the management system poisons all personnel.
12- Appreciation of the staff
If any employee is successful in his or her area of ​​competence, he or she should be appreciated so as not to exceed his or her capacity and not impair the capacity of other employees.
13- Try not to influence others
A successful manager in the style of work always has a perverse perception of marginalized ideas in his or her field of work and has an appropriate solution to his or her vision and prevents the influence of irresponsible individuals in the system.
Customer-centric success in work style:
Customer is always the special look of a job There is always a special and general customer for every business, and every organization is a customer of that organization, so try to keep as many customers as possible in this book. Touch.
1. Observance of professional ethics in dealing with the customer
When dealing with a customer in a favorable condition, that is, the customer’s relative satisfaction with the service should be such that the customer can:
A. Good for us
B- stay with our customer
C- If you see our excellent performance bring us customer.
2. Gaining customer trust
All of us managers are looking to gain customer trust, we have followed many ways to gain trust, but the only way to gain confidence is to provide on-time service and warranty.
3. Support and attention
Think of the client as the person we want to work with for many years, so support them when needed, and as the person we want to work with for years to get the attention we need.
Always act in a way that is accessible to customers to keep customers away from the worries that cause suspicion.
5- Time management
It requires time management, proper scheduling for service delivery, and even creating the right time for after-sales service and keeping the customer in time.
6. Setting goals for achieving achievements
There is always a definite goal in mind, but we strive for achievement because the goal is not to achieve a specific goal. It is necessary to transform the goal into goals and to categorize it and achieve it in stages.
7. Proper scheduling and scheduling
A simple solution to correct planning is to know when customers are more satisfied and when to get excited about the company’s great plans to implement targeted programs or this system.
8. Benefit from your mistakes effectively
It is difficult for managers to admit that it is true that you are the manager and you have the power, but accept it in a way that does not hurt your personality, but in the future act in a way that you can profit from the same mistake. .
9. Take customer care seriously
Never miss a small or big customer Always treat us as big customers face alongside small customers, because a small customer can reach an organization to big customers.
10. Use of public relations
Public Relations has become a myth that always runs only in the current language and is never used well, but many claim that if it is necessary to use PR, the customer is maintained in a way that the organization is maintained.
11) Preserving the customer’s personality
It is not true that every customer has a personality; it is true that all customers fade into an organizational behavioral personality and become influenced.
12. We value the customer more than his money
Making money is the first member of a job. We always say business, not to say, work is necessary, but customer (money) and (business) are not always unless we know customer value more than money.
13- Do not mislead the customer.
Always the best way to get customers is the simplest and most straightforward way of expressing the service, rather than simply making the customer feel in a coma.
Hope you always have success. (Thanks to Mr. Hamid Ahmadi)

Advertising methods
Among the various media and communication channels, the Internet is a channel that can be used as a personal communication channel and an impersonal communication channel by gathering media elements. Since its communication format is multilateral and its information richness is high, therefore, it can be a good tool for use in promotional programs.
This review only introduces ONLINE advertising methods and promotions, without discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet and moving beyond the subject of e-commerce. These methods can be used to sell goods online or to drive traffic to a site that is dedicated to delivering a particular product or service.
Online advertising tools and methods
– Search Engines and Internet Guides: Search engines are a tool to guide clients to what they want. Higher ranking in search engine listings is one of the ways to increase the number of visitors to the site.
Advertising using popups and windows: When you visit popular sites, you will find a lot of BANNERs that make the site viewer click on them with attractive ways. Confirming each point of these frames, the URL associated with them is also active and appears on the monitor. The job of the advertising staff is to invite people to visit the sites. The rest depends on the goals, design, and content of the target site. Advertising is the most expensive advertising method on the Internet and can also be one of the most effective. (Goldsmith)
Other advertising tools are windows (INTERSTITIAL), the same windows that open along the screen (PETER EVERY). These windows have a mechanism of action like propaganda cadres. Of course, because audiences are aware of the propaganda nature of this tool, in many cases they escape it.
FORUM: It is an environment where the topics of interest are defined by the users and they write their own comments on the text. Other members who come in later will read the recorded comments of others on the subject and also provide their response or comment if necessary. Sites that offer this feature receive membership, profile and e-mail address from applicants. The site owner then uses these addresses to send special messages. (Goldsmith)
NEWS GROUPS: Newsgroups are another form of congress or forum run by the Internet. But these groups are limited to those who give specific messages on the business network and those who read them (Cutler). There are thousands of newsgroups on the Internet that cover a wide range of topics, and you can choose to subscribe to any of them on the Internet and only through email, and by subscribing to a newsgroup, send emails to all members in your inbox. It will be visible. If you would like an answer or comment, your response will be sent to all subscribers in that group. The target market knows you better through a newsgroup affiliated with you. (Goldsmith)
EMAIL: A company can encourage potential customers and customers to email questions, make suggestions, and even send complaints to the company. The company may also provide a list of potential customers by referring to people’s e-mail addresses on the Internet. Such a listing can provide a golden opportunity for the company to introduce its products to new customers.(Cutler) There are two ways to do this: one is to send direct sales letters to customers and the other is to use a two-step process where the first step is to send a letter to the customer with their favorite information and the second, They are guided by a relationship between them and the sales system. (Goldsmith)
USENET GROUP: Spying on competitors and gathering information about their activities is a way that can take you one step ahead of your competitors. You need to know what they are doing. Therefore, you can learn how to control competitors’ products and marketing plans without realizing them or getting caught.
To get started doing this and getting to know competitors on the one hand and getting people’s views on a particular activity or product, use the USENET correspondence archive on the Internet. This type of search should be done regularly and always. Other uses of USENET include the ability to place an ad. (Goldsmith)
– EZINE: Electronic journals in the field of business are called EZINE. If you are able to encourage viewers to subscribe to a specialized e-magazine and send them a number based on your ability and timing, email is a good tool to keep in touch with viewers and convert them gradually. It is found by the customer. The contents of these journals should be consistent with the services and activities of the site. For this reason, one of the problems of these journals is to collect and distribute them regularly. (Goldsmith)
Advertising Broker Programs: is a website (publisher) that promotes the products of another website (the advertiser) in exchange for the purpose of earning a commission based on that website or sale of the product. The publisher displays advertisements, advertisements, text links, or products on its website, and a promotional commission when a viewer performs a particular action (such as clicking on an ad, filling out a form or making a purchase ) Receives.
Many intermediary programs are automated. The publisher visits the site, completes an online form, and then connects to the target site. Advertisers can have a large number of sites to promote their business without having to negotiate individually with each publisher. The more you link to other sites, you can also interact with other sites and attract viewers. (Goldsmith)
– Viral marketing: Companies such as YAHOO, HOTMAIL and AOL are using this method. These companies propagate themselves through messages in e-mail programs. According to this method, each letter issued by these companies’ e-mail services contains a brief and useful advertising message. That is, the number of letters that people exchange using the services of these companies are also distributed. Because these messages are distributed without the activity or involvement of these companies and are spread throughout the correspondence between people who have obtained their e-mail address from these companies, this is called viral marketing. In other words, viral marketing is any strategy that encourages people to pass on the marketing message to others and creates the potential for PROMOTIONAL promotional growth.PETER EVERY)) Viral marketing is turning everyone into a huge machine that spreads word-of-mouth by transforming the Internet of customers and newsletter subscribers. A company’s advertising message can also be enhanced by encouraging customers to introduce it to friends and acquaintances.
Because building public trust has the most impact on the business boom, viral marketing will be more trusted by the public because of the role of the third party as the proprietor. Information that reaches people through word of mouth and from friends and relatives is more important and more credible than companies’ own information. This trust is faster and more likely to drive the message owner to buy and prosper. The key to this is to make it easier for people to broadcast or receive the message you want.
First, let’s say a few words about how to write promotional text. Reviewing Different Ways to Submit Advertising If you do not know how to write advertising texts, it is useless. Writing ad text is a skill. There are several aspects to consider, including vocabulary, graphics, word order along with graphic elements, color, audience perception of the ad as well as ad space.
Poor advertising can hurt you so much that you won’t get paid if you don’t. So be sure to consult your first ad writing and get help from those who specialize.
What to write?
What should I write about in advertising? Responding to this question is based on your writing habits and how you read your current and potential customers. So, finally, a market research can help you at this stage. By applying simple methods in this field, valuable and useful points can be obtained. Before you create your own ad text, think about what your unique position is for your sales. In fact, you have to come to the point that you know what unique attributes you have and who you should bring them to.
Keep in mind that one of the many advertisers is that they write ads for themselves and not for existing customers.
Your ad should clearly show the benefits available to you about your products or services, and not the benefits to you. So, clearly outline the potential benefits to customers, such as easy access, low cost, easy to use.
آگهی ‌شما ‌باید ‌به ‌این ‌سؤال ‌مشتری ‌جواب ‌بدهد: ‌(به ‌چه ‌درد ‌من ‌می‌‌خورد؟)
آگهی ‌شما ‌همچنین ‌باید ‌به ‌مشتری ‌نشان ‌بدهد ‌كه ‌در ‌مرحله ‌بعد ‌چه ‌كاری ‌باید ‌انجام ‌دهد ‌و ‌چطور ‌آن ‌كار ‌را ‌انجام ‌بدهد. As an example of what to call and how?
Advertising methods
Brochure: Many desktop publishing and word processing software can create brochures accordion tricuspid (5/8 * 5/11 inch) If brochures with useful information, properly designed, they are very effective Nzrtblyghaty. These brochures are gradually being transformed into a publicity campaign.
Post ads: Ads that are sent directly to customers through the post, can be completely customized and customized. You can provide a stable list of current customers or customers who can be your potential audience. ‌این ‌كار ‌را ‌می‌‌توانید ‌از ‌طریق ‌جمع‌آوری ‌كارت‌های ‌ویزیت ‌دنبال ‌كرده ‌و ‌مدام ‌لیستی ‌را ‌كه ‌از ‌این ‌طریق ‌تهیه ‌كرده‌اید، ‌به ‌روز ‌كنید، ‌چرا ‌كه ‌همواره ‌در ‌چنین ‌مواردی ‌این ‌خطر ‌بالقوه ‌وجود ‌دارد ‌كه ‌لیست ‌شما ‌قدیمی ‌شود. So you are always trying to repair the addresses that have been returned using the mailing list because of the costs that you have. Also, do not exclude that customers should not be bombarded with information.
Email Messaging: Using email for advertising is one of the most amazing ways to get your message across. When you use e-mail, sign in your e-mail. Currently, it is possible for software packages to join you for all of your emails.
Magazines: Magazine ads can be very engaging. Look for advertisements that cover most of the industry you are looking for, such as advertisements for customers and marketers. In such cases you can both advertise and try to use a short article instead of an ad.
Newsletter: Newsletters are very effective tools for transferring the nature of the organization and its services. If you want to use the newsletter, consult with an advisor first about it and its outline. Nowadays it is possible to provide and utilize nutritional work in this field and to provide all workers with it.
Local Newspapers: Almost all local newspapers are read. You may receive an advertisement through an ad or a newsletter, or by using a journalist whom you have advertised as an advertiser. These kinds of ads are expensive. The newspapers themselves can be good advisors on how and where you advertise. Advertising time is very important and it depends on the shopping habits of the customers. H
Completely Local Newspapers: These types of newspapers do not have the power of popular newspapers, but do not exclude them, which you can do to you anyway. Online Discussion Groups and Chat Rooms: If you have online chat rooms, chat rooms, chat rooms, chat rooms, etc.
اما ‌فراموش ‌نكنید ‌كه ‌گروه‌های ‌شركت‌كننده ‌در ‌بحث‌های ‌آنلاین ‌و ‌نیز ‌در ‌اتاق‌های ‌گفت‌وگو، ‌اساساً ‌به ‌شدت ‌در ‌برابر ‌تبلیغات ‌مستقیم ‌واكنش ‌نشان ‌می‌‌دهند ‌و ‌به ‌جز ‌این ‌دارای ‌مقررات ‌ریشه‌داری ‌هم ‌هستند. When you join such groups for discussion, get in touch with the meeting’s manager to familiarize yourself with the rules.
Posters and banners: Posters are very useful if your customers actually see them. But by now, how many posters and advertisements have you actually tried?
Coincidentally, the best place to put posters is in the same advertising banners. Provided that it is in the proper place and the posters are swiftly exchanged with the good posters and are completely uninterrupted.
Just remember that some posters have some rules about posters on advertising banners.
Radio Advertising: One of the biggest features of radio advertising is that it is more expensive than television advertising and the public at large. Based on the calculation of ads, the number of times a segment is divided, the number of times a segment is divided by its segment. One of the most important things for an ad segment to be on the radio is that its segment is synchronized with its target audience.
Off-road marketing (this is getting more and more in the process).
Television Advertising: Many people do not use it because of the lack of television advertising. Television advertising is more concerned with other types of advertising. Based on the calculation of the ad rate on the television, the same items are on the radio.
Web Pages: Ads in the Web environment are now being converted to real estate. ‌آگهی ‌و ‌تبلیغ ‌در ‌محیط ‌وب ‌به ‌تجهیزات ‌و ‌تخصص ‌ویژه ‌نیاز ‌دارد ‌كه ‌از ‌جمله ‌آن‌ها ‌می‌‌توان ‌به ‌دسترسی ‌به ‌كامپیوتر، ‌داشتن ‌سرویس ‌اینترنتی، ‌انتخاب ‌نام ‌سایت، ‌ثبت‌نام ‌برای ‌دامنه، ‌طراحی ‌گرافیك ‌و ‌در ‌نظر ‌گرفتن ‌امكان ‌فروش ‌آنلاین ‌اشاره ‌كرد. Advertising on the site and making it through search engines and up-to-date search engine sites are among the things you should be aware of.
Job Telephone Guide: If your job falls within its proper range, it can then be advertised in the job phone directory. Another important point in this context is that the name of your company should ultimately represent your products and services well.
Advertising activity through the media (journalists, reporters, etc.):
Articles you write: Is there anything in your company or activity that works? If the answer is positive, try local publications and find something in your editorial that is effective and effective at the same time.
Career Folder: Using the Career Folder to provide the media with the benefit of an advertising campaign. These covers often contain information and images related to a business that provide the products and services of the company and its customers.
Newsletters: Newsletters refer to an event that warns the media that they are interested in covering the event. The news story of where, what, where, why and where often appears in these statements.
Other Advertising Activities
Annual Reports: Most annual reports are distributed to distributors, and are often subject to annual, annual audits.
Strategic Partnership or Reconstruction: If your company is involved in a partnership with another company or is in the process of its own strategic announcement or announcement.
Networking: If you are affiliated with affiliates, leisure and entertainment organizations, trainers, advertisers, and overseas affiliates.
Exceptions: You have seen many advertisements on ads and tweets, coffee cups and more. When these ads become effective, they have exceptional and special customers, but the cost of production, and revenue for them, is high.
Introduction: You probably have a specialty in the field. Find ways to present your activities and expertise in seminars all at once. Appropriate in areas such as trade fairs, seminars, chambers of commerce, and conferences. Even if you’re only five hundred brochures distributed communicate with you, your work has been successful, although you may be introduced to 30 people and fifteen driver.Check your answer.
Relationship with original parties: Try to deal with any person with whom you have a relationship with one person at a time. Informal communications can sometimes be very powerful.
Special Events
Announcing an important program, awarding a special prize and some of these are good advertising campaigns.
Special offers on
coupons for shopping, discounts, and specials are among the methods used in online advertising.

Unfortunately, you only have 30 seconds!
Whether you go to a solicitation meeting or want to share your ideas with an investor, whether you want to present your doctoral thesis or want to accompany someone you have no more than 3 to 20 minutes left. Very unfair isn’t it ?! It is true. But this is the world. You always have a limited time to reach agreement.
As someone who has repeatedly been exposed to investment proposals or to strategic partnerships or partnerships because of my job and responsibilities. I have always found that bidders are not capable of delivering a good idea or proposal.
Convincing others by presenting your views is an art that can be learned and should be learned whether you are a retiree or a beginner. Whether you are a building manager or a UN manager. “You and your ideas have no value,” says Burns, a leading American psychologist and author. Even if you have a great idea, and a completely different one, as long as you can’t give it away. ”
Strategic Prescription:
One of the techniques used to persuade you is a 30-second technique or a lift talk.
The concept of elevator delivery does not really mean that we have 30 seconds; it means that in a very short time (eg 30 seconds) we have the necessary impact on our target audience and get their point of view to continue interacting! Why do they say elevators assume that you and your opponent want to get into a lift? You start talking when the two of you leave the elevator. He must have understood your idea and been fascinated by it. Now I will give you five golden tips for presenting lifts:
1- Not all good words, efforts, hardships, comments, etc. are presented in the presentation. Cover shorts and lifts.
2. Practice it for 30 seconds to maintain that 30 seconds.
Speak tangibly. Understand the needs of the other party first and try to show how your solution, your existence, your business will address that need. Explain how your solution will make the other party or user happy. And this solution is better or different than other solutions. Notice this: Google organizes, arranges and makes available information all over the world with one click! It’s also a summary. Both impressive and tangible!
4. Talking about the idea psychologically as well as the confidence you have in your conversation can be more important than the idea itself. So choose sentences and words and make them confident. If you speak flawlessly, you cannot build the confidence you need.
5. Open the conversation. The party may want to disagree after you speak. Tell her you can submit or send her additional information. (Dr. Mojtaba Lashkarbouki)

Success in Style
My dear friends and dear ones, the greatest science is with the Creator of Being. Which lies in the beauties of nature.
Science is always infinite, and the highest sciences pass us by in many opportunities;
I always thought I could be a simple, high-level employee manager, or a simple or high-level employee, choosing from my thoughts. I rejected it and nurtured it.
Do the things you have the most talent and knowledge about.
Take the risk, but do
not think defeat thoughtfully and thoroughly , but defeat science by attachment and support.
All successful managers have been the lowest rung in the single-digit work style.
The most important factor in failure is not knowing the details.
So the most important sciences in your work are the most important.
Wasting time in management matters keeps you from performing your most important tasks.
Determine your success factor to have a good future.

Unbreakable Thoughts Cause Success” The greatest sciences in the nature of your behavior are those of you.
The speed of work and the sudden changes are even noticeable to successful managers.
Small responsibilities are the most important goals of an ambitious and responsible manager.
To move on to important responsibilities.
Fear of failure is the key to success and self-criticism of success.
We always know the good and bad things that happen that cannot be undone.
Success in style means we know where we want to go and what to do after we arrive.
A successful manager always looks for the good.
Let’s see more positive tips and opportunities than negative margins.
A successful manager makes a high point of failure a success.
“Always try to stay the ball the harder we hit the ground; the higher we go”
Raising our understanding of relationships
“Listening before speaking enhances understanding; Being a good listener”
Successful people strive To get great rewards in the long run.
“The one who moved the mountain started from the trenches” We
need to have the confidence at the right time to gain self-esteem.
A goal without a plan and its implementation is never big.
Creating positive thoughts leads to great motivations and great goals.
“Grow Your Motivation for Great Purposes” A
successful manager always sacrifices margins for his purpose.
“Focus on goals instead of problems”
Always be at the highest level of competition to be at the top level. Having a good competitor will make us progress and weaken our poor competitors.
Speed ​​up valuable goals to achieve success:
Valuing a list of programs to accomplish goals and speeding up the accomplishment of a list.
Encouraging employees to freely interact:
“Timely encouragement gives employees the confidence they need to make the upgrade.”
A manager is silent when he realizes the importance of his silence for being thrown out:
“The meaning of managerial silence is the same ideas we have in mind for goals but are delivered at the right time”
It is necessary for a manager to grow emotionally.
“Just as being a leader in all areas is essential for a manager, emotions need to be purposeful and growing in order to be promoted to a managerial level.”
Managing requires the creation of a good work team and joining the right work groups.
“We are not all managers, but we can manage” It is
good to do the work of successful people, but only if it is a change with the knowledge of the day and our own consciousness.
“Be the Best in Business Growth” A
Manager’s Valuable Reserve: Not
Enough Science. It is its work and its margins and its desire for it with all its existence.
Today, all reading is valuable, but understanding the most important ones that helps our goals is good.
“Read the important stuff to get to the most important results”
By creating positive thoughts in the minds of others, you will gain a fame at all stages and become an influential manager.
Crossing over different ideas from our thinking is just an opportunity that we miss every day without motivation. If any of the ideas are applied and can be implemented at the same time, we will achieve the true value of the superior mind, the superior idea, and the superior manager.
The more we plan, the more we can curve it, and the higher we see it, the more successful we will be.
Successful management strategies in terms of employability
Remember, it’s not just about accepting responsibility at work, it’s about keeping up with the type of accountability process that we consider to be every major responsibility, small or large. Making
Employee Improvement Employee Improvement Equally, if negative things are seen, the employee will strive to improve and eliminate the negative, not discourage further promotion and strive to improve. Controlling the influence of
many managers’ thoughts for influence They put a lot of effort into thinking, if it should be effective , And too out of control Nshvd.pyvstn to an appropriate group
In any job, we can use the right groups for the job process to be at the top of the field, if we join groups that can be effective and not fit for job growth, where the growth process stops, though. Feeling good, but we have destroyed the future of the job. Manage unparalleled employee management
Employee management of each individual’s own abilities and capabilities to avoid any excesses in the management system
. We know that having the right profits and growing profits is important for any manager, but the importance of profit means one-way thinking. Avoiding the profits that can call into question a set or fuel it is one of the most important ways to succeed in your business. Focusing on goals rather than problems.
A successful manager never sacrifices the high goals of his company and organization for the problems that always exist, but tries to reduce the margins, but always keeps the goal at its head and sacrifices the goals for the goal. The boss
can always be a good friend to the staff rather than a manager’s friend, but provided he is a good boss or a good manager to maximize employee interest in the job. The ability to set standards
if a manager fails to do what is right for the product Bringing himself or her work environment closer to standards for an employee cannot control his or her job and employees.
10. Success in training employees
The scope of employees’ competencies and the type of their performance depends on the type of training provided by the organization’s management and the HRM movement. The more successful we are, the more engaged the employee becomes and the greater the organizational growth.
11 – Seeing the incompetence of employees
As we should pay attention to the competence of employees, we must see and control their incompetence as it is, poisoning an employee in the management system poisons all personnel.
12. Appreciation of employees
If any employee is successful in his or her area of ​​competence, he or she should be appreciated for not departing from his or her capacity and not harming the capacity of other employees.
13- Try not to influence others
A successful manager in the style of work always has a perverse perception of marginalized thoughts in his or her field of work and has a good solution to his or her vision and prevents the influence of irresponsible individuals in the system.
Customer-centered success in style:
Customer always has a special look for a job There is always a special customer for every business, and every organization is a customer of that organization, so try to keep as many clients as possible in this book. I hope it can be used and touched. Professional ethics
when dealing with a customer in a favorable manner, ie, customer’s relative satisfaction with the service should be such that the customer can: a
. Be our
customer b
) stay our customer c) bring us customer satisfaction if our performance is excellent.
All of us managers are looking for customer trust, we have been pursuing ways to win trust, but the only way to gain trust is to provide on-time service and warranty extras
. سال در كنار او كار كنيم بنابراين از او در مواقع نياز حمايت كنيم و مانند يك فرد كه سال ها مي خواهيم در كنار او كار كنيم توجه لازم را به عمل بياوريم.در دسترس بودن
هميشه به گونه اي عمل كنيم كه در دسترس مشتريان باشيم مشتري All that gets away from causing suspicion Knym.mdyryt time
necessary to have time management, proper timing b اي ارائه خدمات و حتي ايجاد زمان درست براي سرويس پس از خدمات و حفظ مشتري در زمان مناسب مي باشد.تعيين اهداف براي رسيدن به دستاوردها
There is always a definite goal in mind, but we strive for achievement because we do not achieve a specific goal. We must make the goal a target, group it into goals, and achieve it one step at a time. Proper scheduling and scheduling
A simple solution for proper scheduling is to know when customers are most satisfied and when to get excited with the company’s great programs to implement targeted programs or this system. To make the most of your mistakes effectively
, it’s hard for managers to accept that you are the manager. You have the power and authority, but accept the wrong way that will not hurt your personality and act in the future so that you can profit from the same mistake.
Never miss a small or big customer Always treat us as big customers face alongside small customers, because a small customer can reach an organization to big customers.
10. Use of public relations Public
relations has become a myth that is always only in the current language and never used well, but many claim that if the use of public relations management is needed, the customer is maintained in such a way that the organization is maintained. Preserved.
11 – Maintaining Customer Personality
It is not true that every customer has a personality, it is true that all customers fade into an organizational behavioral personality and become influenced.
12. We value the customer more than his money
Making money is the first member of a job. We always say business, we do not say, business is necessary, but customer (money) and (business) is not always unless we know the customer value more than his money.
13- Do not mislead the customer.
Always the best way to attract customers is the simplest and most explicit way of expressing the services, rather than simply making the customer feel in a coma-like manner.
Hope you always have success. (Thanks to Mr. Hamid Ahmadi)

هرگز تسلیم نشوید
همین حالا
(سرنوشت من)

بیشتر وقتها به خودمون میگیم این سرنوشت من است و گاهی وقتها هم به این درجه میرسیم که حتماً خدا می خواهد که این طوری بشود و این قسمت من است!
This collection, presented to you, is just a few simple ways to work with God and trust in God and do something to change our lives.
My destiny:
Initially, I talked to many friends and loved ones about the name of this collection, each of which introduced a name, one of the most beautiful of these (my fate) being the work of Dr. Waleh Kordestani (SH) as a distinctive pattern of a The successful woman suggested, many names had themes of success that I preferred not to be named because of the proximity to the weighty Success Magazine, which is the praised effort of my dear friend and brother, Dr. Ahmad Haleed.
But in fact the second part of this series is my destiny, not just my destiny, but that of each of us can be, when we are involved in life, sometimes we do not realize what moments we are going through and what difficulties we are going through. We are clinging to the clutches of life, and how thankful we are for God that we go through these dangers and difficulties, and what we want that God basically does not know to happen to us.

And this part of: On the morning of December 21, 1967,
I was
born on December 10, 1967, on December 12, 1967 at a rented house in the 2nd district of Zanjan province, Abhar, after the birth of a daughter God gave to our family.
My father was a gendarmerie and that’s why we lived in this city, which became my birthplace, interestingly, my sister was born in Nurabad Mamasani, a suburb of Kazeroon in Fars province, and basically the life of the military was and is … of course. In turn, it is very sweet, as one can taste the good climate of his country more than others.
My father was born in Salehabad, Hamedan, and was a member of the Saberi and Bab al-Huaiji families. The mother is also from a large family that both make me proud.
I finished elementary school in Qazvin and Damghan, and read guidance in Damghan and Tehran, but with the start of the eight-year war, I dropped out of the course and became a fighter
. Because many have lived like me, of course, but the interesting point of my life is:
Before my elementary school I lost my little brother in a village called Nikpay, which is a part of Zanjan province, which still suffers me. My mom says I used to go to my brother’s grave for hours and shed tears, and it was hard for me to miss my brother and my game. That is because of my simple medical condition and the poverty of my people.
I studied first grade in Qazvin first and then in Esforin village and then in Takestan city. So, although I was accepted, I had to re-read my late father’s instruction on math and Persian spelling, and this made me a little unwell. To be different, it’s worth noting that I was a year late than my peers when I was born on December 21st, and a year back, so many of my same-age friends seemed more mature and understanding. … which also had some sugar …
My late father had been in trouble with Rakn Do (Savak) for political reasons, after being exiled for a number of times for political reasons, he was eventually deported to a waterless, grassy area in early 1977, where my father refused and we spent some time as a passenger. We lived in a very simple house in the city of Semnan, and it coincided with the Rex Abaden cinema fire, the father giving us a bribe that was two rug boards and he was able to take us to Damghan city and get busy in Pasgah Damghan … that was perfect…
Damghan is a religious city with a very friendly and hospitable people, especially when they were informed of our fate. My father used to go to the mines, which was the suppression of the demonstrations, especially the coal mines, but he never met anyone, and I joined the revolutionary establishment with my sister … the hymn of theater and such … well, I remember I took the big picture of the king in our class and knocked it down so that the wooden picture frame broke and our principal asked me to come to my father’s school. And so it was that my name was included in the list of revolutionaries. And as I left school, I went on to pursue demonstrations.
The days of the revolution ended very early, and my fondest memories were of those days, especially the days of attending social activities such as constructive jihad … From the moment we arrived in Damghan, my late father, I and my sister were taken to the Library of the Intellectual Development Center. Children and adolescents won, and this date turned a blossom of knowledge and insight into my little mind, with the help of friends and loved ones like Mr. Ali Vosoughi in theater and design, Mohammad Reza Abdollahi and Mohammad Nazemi as a writing teacher.
My first writings came to the attention of the provincial and district intellectuals and the three years that we have been in Damghan have always been an indicator.
Although not very successful in my studies, my membership in the Islamic Student Association of the city as a board and also in painting competitions made me a celebrity, and we even published a magazine in our middle school called Payam Taleghani. It was our school at the time of the Friday Imam of our city, Mr. Shahcharaghi, paying a large part of the cost, and we were selling two rupees.
The hardships of life and the exile of our father, made us accustomed to it. We had just become accustomed to everyday life, for which my father applied for early retirement, using the laws of Bani Sadr’s time and retiring from the system. But of course my father later said that it was a policy of the Bani Sadr government to rid the revolutionary forces … and that very much affected my life and my destiny.
After the early retirement of our father, we had no choice but to leave Damghan and come to Tehran because the paternal family were all in Tehran. I followed the situation … The
war started for me from two fronts My family and Iraq, I was going to the war with Iraq and my family’s civil war was going on … it was not in itself important to change my destiny. Father’s separation was my mother’s destiny, but thank you …
After my sister’s marriage in Tehran, I went to Abadeh, near my mother’s hometown, this time as a 16-year-old young man with my mother … They said we didn’t even have a cinema in our city that was open. With my own responsibility, I reopened the Basij base in one of Abadeh’s Sinimara neighborhoods and took the Tobin Theater to the stage …Thanks to God I made it my own destiny and at the same time got the experience of building my first house. Little by little I knew what to do now I had opened a knitting shop for my mother and was building a house, well, I remember someone present. There was no check for me and I desperately needed to use a bank check for construction work. My age would not allow, and my new sponsor would have to be a shopkeeper or office worker to get the check, and for this reason a manufacturing shop opened. My mother had a few important reasons for me, firstly, to create business and income, to stabilize her career, to create an identity and work personality, and to Most importantly, a reliable guarantee for all works of art in the city … I was looking for …Soon after, I set up an artistic group called Misag, which was a continuation of my endeavor in Tehran, where I took courses in writing, theater, and acting, theaters such as Tobin, Reporting, Bitter Tale, and The Old Golden Retriever. Of course, I also made long video films such as Talieh at the same time as Ahwaz in Abadeh, which at that time sounded … That was part of my destiny …
Unfortunately or fortunately, despite my years in the front, I was an honorary guard of the Revolutionary Guards and resigned from the army after the war, given that I had written a letter to my home office during the war, stating that despite the fact that I I am the only child of my mother and son, and I can be exempted from the military, but I want to go into the military, and so please, Mr. Abadeh, please give me a ready booklet for God!
This was something less wise people would have done at the time, and so after the end of the war, despite my many injuries and many problems, I had to resign from the Revolutionary Guards and called for the city gendarmerie station and a ready-made booklet. Matt presented me with respect.
طبیعی بود که برای من خیلی دشوار بود بعد از حضورم در جنگ و جبهه و مسئولیت های گوناگونم بعنوان یک سرباز صفر عازم خد مت شوم ولی چون سرنوشتم بود راهی شدم…
این که شروع خدمت من در چه شرایطی بود و چه برسرم آمد را I ignore as much as say that my destiny was to taste a lot of bitterness …
I came to Tehran and the IRGC and served in the IRGC Cultural Department immediately set up the art department and my first official job. I took to the stage at Damavand Street Deaf Hall in February 1988 and that was my destiny.
One of my best friends at that time is my dear brother Master of Traditional Music of the country Mr. Hashim Ahmad Vand who was also my roommate. Good friends of Dr. Vahdat Hall Mr. Montazeri and my dear Hassan Zargha I can mention for making supplies The scene helped me a lot, and also Dr. Nasser Leung, who I have known since the Holy Defense, and while he was also my father’s city, was one of the best painters in the country to discuss the Holy Defense and helped in the Buddhist Book Project in the Cultural Department of the Martyr Foundation. Printing was about to help and it was a good experience for me, which was my destiny.
I no longer wanted to go back to Abadeh and preferred to study and work in Tehran.
During Khatami’s ministry at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, I was introduced to him as a sacred defense photographer and saw a valuable collection of more than 2000 images that I had drawn with Master Hashem Ahmed Wend and other friends with beautiful decorations And I was going to hold an exhibition that I didn’t accept, and then I turned down my proposal, and then I went to the Bureau for the Preservation of the Sacred Values ​​at the Museum of Contemporary Art and worked on a proposed project called Shirin Palace. ..By the end of Mr. Khatami’s ministry, all of his deputies were also displaced, including the head of the Office for the Preservation of Sacred Defense Values. People were throwing the sweet palace in the trash and I took it upon myself with the permission of the new management, and this treasure became valuable to me as a result of working with this office …
I accepted a job with the Veterans Foundation and the Department of Health at the suggestion of one of my co-workers, whom I had a great deal of love for when Matt was in charge, and I was soon responsible for the public relations of the Veteran’s Spinal Cord Injury Center and To learn more about the life and hardships of this old comrade and that was my destiny … I was
studying and, thanks to God , I studied for four years less than three years and soon graduated from a building degree. The project ended at noon 6 in Quds (West town) and interestingly they gave me twice the monthly salary of the Veterans Foundation as a traineeship. I changed that destiny thanks to God!
Although I had chosen agriculture in the first place, it wasn’t until later that I failed but fell in love with the field of construction and loved the smell of soil and had …
Of course I was accepted to law in Qom but despite my interest I preferred not to go … that was my fate …
When it comes to fate I remember the poem that says: “Tell
me this or that.” That is the
reason for my own choice, Ehnam
Yes, I used my leisure time, followed by coaching in education and school, and performed in a number of schools in the anthem and theater groups, and then with my friends we opened the first non-profit art school in the country for the first time in graphic arts, Filming, Filming, and Accounting, Student Computer We started off with four students. It was a great disaster that no common sense was willing to continue working but thanks to God The first thing I did was give all the schools around me a letter that interested students can sign up for free And yet people were not always surprised and scared. Only seven people came and got a letter from me so that their last year of study, which lasted three years, would not pay a rial, and I accepted it. I knew what my purpose was and so I accepted and they became my disciples.
Unfortunately, the property that I had rented from the Prisons School for School was struggling with participation in education, and our nonprofit conservatory started operating with the State Middle School for more than three months and it was very difficult for us to attend classes. Hold a lesson in a room that had both my office and my secretary’s office. Interestingly, our teachers were also having a bell ringer. Our class kids were also not allowed to drop out of class and deal with public school students. This was another destiny that I had no role in …
It was a difficult day, but thanks to God, with patience and diligence, and in December of that year, just before Imam Reza’s birthday, we moved into our new rented property. By the end of the school year, I had to rent more than one million tomans plus the salaries of staff and teachers, which was about 1.5 and a half million tomans. But my total income was 570,000 tomans, and the property that I had had had to be equipped with desks, chairs, and benches. … that was my destiny …
Less than a year later, our student numbers reached 300 and our middle school, high school of science, the high school in Dusk morning and evening worked. Seventy people had crossed the border and we were named in the country. Our artists were very active, but there were many conversations with dervish friends. And a summary of that year’s admission statistics showed that all high school kids were admitted to state universities, even four They didn’t even get a diploma, and they went to university … That was the destiny I had made thanks to God …
It was a year ago when I was coming to Tehran from Robat Karim Shahriar city every morning to open the school door before seven in the morning. I used to pray in the morning because I did not have a car to walk more than four kilometers a day, and it took a year for the Martyr Avini Training Complex to rise from eleven to seven hundred. But I was looking at it today and would have liked to see other things I had made up in my mind, but it didn’t.
Although more than eighty percent of the graduating students of the complex are educated today and still have the utmost respect for me, thank God, that was my destiny.
Soon, the taste for money was overwhelmed by friends, and I had to leave at the height of the complex’s success, which meant dissolving it, which was a bitter fate …
The good days were over and I just had trouble answering my students and people’s words … Days went by and I felt more and more difficult. .

هیچ وقت تخم مرغ هایت را در یک سبد نگذار
این یک مثال انگلیسی است و چقدر هم خوب است چرا که اگر من تمام امیدم به آن مرکز آموزشی بود با انحلالش منهدم می شدیم ولی شکر… ما همزمان مؤسسه آشتی و هفته نامه همسر We had and were busy opening a cinema school, and work was on … and we made a fortune …

who picked up my cheese …
It was a book that gave me a new spirit to read and draw my attention outside the borders of the country, so as soon as I was able to draw on foreign projects like holding a film festival and cultural work outside of Iran. One of these things was going to the UAE when the Dubai Film Festival came to an end … but somehow we missed it and that was my destiny …
I used this experience and this time invested in Oman but the route The festival was going elsewhere and I had to go to European countries and that was the fate …
Things were going well, but behind this hard-won tranquility was the story of a disaster and betrayal, and on the morning of February 6, 2008, after a period of legal and judicial work, the original owners of the Ashti Institute of Property reconciled after 16 years. Friendship and acquaintance falsely dealt with the eviction order from an authority that did not originally have permission to issue it, and because they knew the order would undoubtedly be broken after my pursuit, immediately after less than three hours, my entire life and Institutes of Reconciliation looted and soon began destroying the country’s cultural and educational press center and shouting in the corridors The school and the court sometimes got lost. That was my destiny.
It was started in 2009 and Nowruz was very hard but thankfully … after my father’s sudden death it was very difficult for me even to have my birth certificate and national card. Nothing was left to me.
My destiny had shown itself that most of my friends and acquaintances were sometimes amazed at my silence and patience …
I preferred to get involved in other issues. Thanks to work … Thanks to my friends for getting involved in electoral work, I tried to pursue my destiny again …
I was not a political person and did not want to be a political one. I entered the registration stage as an intelligence test keyboard.

But still, I was not tired and heartbroken, so I went to Iran, registered a company in Romania a few years ago and went on to start another life …
Romania is a country where there are few Iranians and most are doing their jobs. Among the Iranians, I had an old friend who loved me very much but another friend who was very masculine with all her femininity helped me a lot.
In Romania, I ran the advertising magazine Behnam Drag Ma or lovly and funded a portion of my expenses after returning to Iran for a new year. Thanks to my fate, God forbid, even though I myself I made it the way I wanted it to.
I was so engrossed in my work in Iran in 2010 that it was too late for me to come back to the novel and my stay was canceled … that was my destiny …
I stayed in Iran and got involved and I preferred to work more. During that time I made some films and started researching and social affairs. I took the opportunity to do my best to help people, especially in employment and entrepreneurship, to pursue this destiny.
Although this is not all my story and destiny, it only hints that life has not always been in line with my purpose, and that it has been very broken.
This is life and that is why it is so beautiful to write about destiny, although I strongly believe in this sentence.

I have dozens of plans and plans that have not been written yet, most of my work is incomplete and I still have a lot to say and write, how good it was to always look at life as a living person and have a plan every day, every minute, how nice that the problems of the society and tried to find solutions to find the best possible people and officials said, and how easy it is to tell me what! you do not have changed the world as:

including Charlie Chaplin to remember that

the story of my destiny or whatever you can to change ourselves and trust in God should not move now …
I am a shadow of Yuma secret Khvyshm
image bewilderment Khvyshm thousand mirrors
the world of all though my prison and you
all Khvyshm prisoners released and
he remembered Kaiser Aminpoor

hoping to meet the right partner Wind